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A year on my own…

Today I completed one year of being on my own. In 2004, after graduating from college and doing brief experiment with a startup I came to Pune, looking for a job. I failed clearing the interviews of many MNCs. In … Continue reading

02. December 2016 by Neependra
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Free Containers (Docker) Workshop – Hyderabad

After doing free containers (Docker) workshop in Bangalore, Pune and Chennai; the next stop was Hyderabad which was scheduled on 13th Feb’16. Getting the audience and community space at Hyderabad was not as simple as other places because I have … Continue reading

15. February 2016 by Neependra
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First Paid Containers (Docker) Workshop !!!

So finally doing trainings, started to pay out !!! I did my first paid workshop in Bangalore on 23rd and 24th Jan’16. In this first paid workshop I had 6 participants, all from different backgrounds and with skill-sets. I think this … Continue reading

27. January 2016 by Neependra
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Free Container (Docker) Workshop

As mentioned in the earlier post I’ll be doing free workshop on containers in different cities of India, I am putting down following google form to capture the interest. Loading…

05. December 2015 by Neependra
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Left Red Hat .. Again, to start something on my own

Yesterday (2nd Dec’15) was my last day at Red Hat  (again). I left Red Hat in Dec’08 to join a startup and then joined back on Sept’12 .  This time I worked in the performance engineering team, which does performance evaluation of all … Continue reading

03. December 2015 by Neependra
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Red Hat Summit 2015

After attending DockerCon on 23rd June I took what people call Red Eye flight to reach Boston on 24th morning. I missed the Day 1 of Red Hat Summit on 23rd and had to miss keynotes 24th has as well … Continue reading

06. July 2015 by Neependra
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Cruise to the Coast, 5-6 Oct’13

Last weekend I did Cruise to the Coast ride with CAM.  We cycled through Bhagamandala – Bekalfort – Kasargod – Jalsoor  and covered ~130 kms. We started from Bangalore on Friday (4th Oct) night and reached Bhagamandala at 5 AM on Saturday. … Continue reading

10. October 2013 by Neependra
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2012 – The Year it was for me..

Three most interesting things I did/happened during 2012 : Taught a full semester course Joined back Red Hat and moved to Banagalore Did not watch television for the entire year Jan to March Started of  the year started on a … Continue reading

31. December 2012 by Neependra
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Joined back Red Hat!!

On 3rd September’12 I joined back Red Hat 🙂 . Earlier I worked with Red Hat for 3 years in in GSS (Global Support Services) in Pune.  This time I joined the peformance team in Banagalore office and will be working … Continue reading

12. September 2012 by Neependra
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Visit to God’s own country – Kerala

We(Me and Kanika) visited God’s own country Kerala b/w 25th – 29th’11. It was most eventful journey. We had to deal with the  strikes in Maharashtra and Kerala. We catched the flight from Mumbai in last minute. Then visit to … Continue reading

03. December 2011 by Neependra
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