Cruise to the Coast, 5-6 Oct’13

Last weekend I did Cruise to the Coast ride with CAM.  We cycled through Bhagamandala – Bekalfort – Kasargod – Jalsoor  and covered ~130 kms. We started from Bangalore on Friday (4th Oct) night and reached Bhagamandala at 5 AM on Saturday. Then after couple of hours of rest we started cycling to Bekal Fort. We followed route.


On the way we saw many waterfalls. Both sides of the roads there were just trees. I maintained distance from other cyclist most of the time. It was like I was alone on the road. All the nature beauty was just for me. While cycling I can see yellow butterflies on the roads, like they were welcoming us. I used to see and play with them in my childhood. I almost forgot that there are such butterflies.

Most of cycling we did in Kerla state and I must mention that the people/govt. has tried to keep it green and clean. Some houses on the way were very beautiful. They had very good wood work. Some houses even had their own water well. I know this sound stupid to mention but I have seen them since ages.

On they way be Bekal Fort it started raining. I cycled around ~20 kms during that. It was such a great feeling. I even tasted the rain water which got mixed with my sweat. It was sweet ..:).


I reached at Bekal Fort ~3 PM. After spending some time there we headed to our hotels. Second day we started at 7 AM cycled from Kasargot to Jalsoor, which was around 50 kms. We followed http://gooaps/oOx8c route.

We reached to Jalsoor around 11:30 AM and started our journey back at ~12:30 PM. We reached Bangalore ~10:30 PM.

During the ride people greeted us, kids have us high five. Kids kept asking “Whats your name” and “Where are you going”.

Overall it was fun ride.  I made some new friends and hope to keep in touch with them.

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