Free Containers (Docker) Workshop – Hyderabad

After doing free containers (Docker) workshop in Bangalore, Pune and Chennai; the next stop was Hyderabad which was scheduled on 13th Feb’16. Getting the audience and community space at Hyderabad was not as simple as other places because I have never worked there and did not have much community connections. When I scheduled it I did not know how it is doing to happen but I had a feeling somehow I would be able to execute it. The help came from Govind Kanshi and Vinod Kumar of Microsoft and we were able to host at Microsoft office in Hyderabad.

Containers Workshop Hyderabad

We started the session ~15 mins late. I tried my best to cover the basics and share the details about the eco-system like CI/CD, Orchestrations etc.

Here is one of feedback I got for this workshop

if the workshop will be for two days then it’s easy for the participants to understand the concepts , better plan in such way from next time onward.

I would always have to choose what to do in limited hours session. Should I cover basics more or talk about the big picture ? I choose to later as that would help the participants connect the dots. As the the content of the workshop is in open domain, they can always go and look for the basics and other details. The good news is that there is interest for 2 days workshop :).

The other feedback was

Very informative session, as per my suggestion their should be more emphasis on making the trainees understand why containers and docker should be used and how it differs from other similar products its advantages.

which I think I can address in longer workshops.

It is always fun to go to different city and deliver the workshop. Other than new people sometimes you get chance spend time with extended family, old school/college friends or old colleagues/boss. This time I was lucky to meet each one of them. The next free workshop would be Kolkata as I have to postpone Delhi one, which I’ll  do in April. Also the next 2 days paid workshop in Bangalore on 12th and 13th March’16.

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