About Me

Posts on this web sites reflect my personal opinion.

For those who are interested to know more about me. Here are few details :

1982 – 1986

I was born on 1982 at Damoh, a small town in Madhya Pradesh, India. I do not much memories of that time but everyone tells me I was very close to my grand-parents. My grand father used to take for a ride on his bicycle to see the trains and temples.

1987 – 2000, School Days

My Father is a banker and he got transferred in every 2-3 years, so myself and my siblings did schooling from different places. I did my schooling with different Branches of Saraswati Shishu Madir and Model High School, Jabalpur.

2000 – 2004, College Days

After clearing the pre-engineering test I got admission in Mechanical branch in NIT, Raipur but later after few months because of re-counselling I chose to join Computer Science in GRKIST, Jabalpur. I am not sure whether this was the right step or not but.  Over the four years I did not find any good teachers in college other than 1 or 2 exceptions. If I look back now those four years were not utilized as they should have been.

In the third year(2002-03) of my college I got introduced to Linux and there is looking back after that. Though I was not able to any development because of the lack of guidance, I mastered in System Administration.

With some of the friends from different college we successfully developed a school management software. We also developed a Student portal where one can add friends and send them personal message. It was great idea as we all know ..:) but because of reason we chose different paths.

Another fond memory of my college days is organizing the Quiz Contest for different schools in Jabalpur. I was fan of Bournvita Quiz Contest and wanted to become quiz master. So I came up with that idea and created a business plan and showed it to one of cable operator there with my friend Abhishek Verma. The cable operator agreed  to fund it we rolled it out. We recorded 21 shows which were aired throughout the cities. We got tremendous support from our friends and families. I specially thankful for few special friends who made this possible. It was great fun and learning experience.

2005 @ Codito, Pune

I worked here as System Administrator .

2005 – 2008 @Red Hat, Pune

At that time it was like dream come true. Being a Linux enthusiast since college days I was very happy to join Red Hat. I worked with the GSS team, where my profile mostly support. This gave me immense opportunity to understand different sub-systems of Linux and how work closely. Later I specialized in handing issues related to Red Hat Cluster Suite and Performance.

After working few years in support role I realized that I should try to understand things in more details. First I thought of keep working in Red Hat and see if get a better role in there but things did not work out. So, I decided to leave Red Hat in Nov’ 08.

2008 – 2011 @ KQ Infotech, Pune

While I was still at Red Hat I heard about start-up called KQ Infoetch, which is offering a course in Linux Kernel Internals. I thought this would be the right course to learn about system internals. I did the course which was an eye-opener for me;  I had great hands-on.

Later with some discussions I got an offer to work for KQ Infotech. I was the fifth employee to join. Initially I developed some tools stress test the storage server for a client. Later I moved to an internal project in which we ported ZFS on Linux. This project taught be file-system internals, which is best hands-on experience I have till now.

Other than the usual work I led the “Mentor India” Program, in which we trained fresh graduates for different technologies. Most of them became full time employees for KQ Infotech or joined other company. Here I also worked as Corporate Technical trainer. I taught Linux Kenrel Internals and Debugging in companies like Symantec.

I have another blog entry for journey at KQ Infotech.

2011 – 2012 @ STEC Inc, Pune

After porting ZFS on Linux , KQ Infotech got some global visibility. STEC acquired just after few months of the GA release of the product. Initially I worked in one of the caching product and later moved to Performance Engineering, which taught me how important the performance matrices are. It take a great effort to come up with one of those.

Though work was good, I felt something was missing. So I decided to leave STEC in August’12.

2012 –  2015 @Red Hat, Bangalore

In September’12 I joined back Red Hat and worked in Performance Engineering team. I did benchmarking for Gluster, OpenStack and OpenShift v3. I enjoyed everyday at Red Hat again.

During the same period I was also active in local developer/ops communities. I started co-organising Docker Meetup Group in Bangalore and running it till now. I also wrote a book Docker, Docker Cookbook which got published in June’15.

2016 –  @On My Own, Bangalore

While working full-time on Docker @redhat and running the meetups for sometime, I realized that there would be need for training and consulting for container technologies. So I decided to leave my full-time job to try something of my own. I started by giving free workshops in different cities in India and got some consulting assignment as well.

I am fortunate enough to get an opportunity work with The Linux Foundation as well. Currently I am co-authoring a course on Cloud Infrastructure Technologies, which would be launched in June’16.