Red Hat Summit 2015

After attending DockerCon on 23rd June I took what people call Red Eye flight to reach Boston on 24th morning. I missed the Day 1 of Red Hat Summit on 23rd and had to miss keynotes 24th has as well because the flight got delayed. Later I have watched all those keystones. Apart from Jim Whitehurst and Paul Cormier keynote, I would recommend everyone to watch middle-ware keynote, specially the demo part in which we showed Red Hat Mobile platform and its integration with OpenShift v3. The demo is just too awesome.

At this summit Red Hat announced Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform to run containers at scale in production, OpenShift Enterprise v3 for Web scale distributed app and Red Hat Access Insight. All of these are very significant ones.

This summit was very special at personal front. Two years back when I first attended Red Hat Summit I got the signed copy of Gordon Haff’s Computing Next book and imagined that one day I would also do book signing like him. I never imagined that this would come true in just 2 years. Over the last year I wrote a book a Docker which got published on 11th June’15. On 24th June at Red Hat Summit we had a book signing event. It would be a memorable day of my life.


I attended few sessions on containers and OpenShift. I took part in expert bar and Performance BoF, in which we interacted with customers directly to discuss their performance related issues or any other general questions.

During my two day participation I met lot of co-workers/friends and had some good time over drinks, which is always a fun 🙂


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