2012 – The Year it was for me..

Three most interesting things I did/happened during 2012 :

Jan to March

Started of  the year started on a very high note with a bike trip to Mahabaleshwar with my wife.

Just after that trip I had to travel to US for some official work. This was not as fun as it was with the first trip. Surprisingly I met one a school friend from 4th grade there.We had some good time there.

After after coming from US, I participated in Gnunify’12 and organised programming contest.

April – June
In April we went to memorable Matheran trip. We traveled on Toy Train (Neral to Matheran). It took more than expected time to reach destination; it looked time was stuck during that toy train journey. How great that was !!!

During that trip I decided to look out for next professional opportunity and leave STEC (my previous company). After a month or so I got about know about an opportunity in Red Hat and  applied for it and got selected. Its good to apply for just one company and getting selected. Sometimes having more than one offers,  just confuses and later we think if I joined that company then things might be different.

During that time I got the opportunity to teach Operating System at SICSR, Pune. So I started teaching.

July – September

I took a month long break after leaving STEC. During that time I just taught at SICSR and did some study of statistics other than just relaxing ..:). I also a talks on Linux Performance Tuning at PLUG and Pune University. After completing my teaching I moved to Bangalore in Sept. and joined Red Hat. Though it took some time to settle down but I am liking here more than Pune.

Oct – Dec

During this time I settled down in Bangalore and new work place. I visited my home town, Jabalpur during Deepawali.

And for the entire year we did not re-charge my Tata-Sky connection. Yes!! really. By doing this we got more family time, read more books/newspaper and were away from the randomness which television puts in our lives. Everyone should give it a try. Though we watched few things online.

While working on a problem I had to revise my basics of statistics/probability. While doing some search on the net I saw there is lot happening in this field or it was always happening but I was not looking for it. I slowly started developing interest in this field.  I attended a hack night  in Pune and Fifth Elephant Conference  in Bangalore. Lets see how much I can do here…

There were few setbacks but not worth mentioning here. I am eagerly waiting 2013 to un-fold ….:)

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