Akshar Bharati Library Setup at NIMHANS, Bangalore

On 28th Nov’15, Akshar Bharati helped setting up Library section for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services centre NIMHANS, Bangalore. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services provides day-care to person with psychiatric disabilities  and engage them with some vocational activities like arts, dance, yoga. Reading would be an additional activity. The library was inaugurated by director of NIMHANS Mr. P. Satish Chandra. At Akshar Bharati we generally setup … Read more

Saurya-Mandal ki sair (Star-Party)

Yesterday I attended the star party organized by Jyotirvidya Parisanstha, Pune.JVP organizes an over-night star party outside the city of Pune around 30 km from the city glow.Program contains necked eye star gazing, telescopic viewing of moon, planets, nebulae, galaxies,slide shows; astro-games, etc. I came to know about this from our Askshar Bharati group that … Read more

Setting up 26 Libraries on 26th January’12 @ Akshar Bharati

Akshar Bharati’s vision is to help achieved India’s Vision 2020 of becoming a developed nation and sustain the growth through development of tomorrow’s citizens by encouraging environment of learning and education. Keeping this in mind we have decided to setup 26 Libraries on 26th January’12. To make this a reality we have to accomplish following tasks:- – Identifying … Read more

Be a part of India Vision – 2020 through Akshar Bharati

Lets see what most of us worry about these days:- Degree, Job, Package Visa,Onsite 2/3 BHK house, Car School for children….. I haven’t cross 60 yet and not sure what I will achieve by that time. But in recent Akshar Bharati annual program Shyamji, Chief coordinator of of SEWA International mentioned following:- When someone crosses 60+, he/she sits … Read more