Be a part of India Vision – 2020 through Akshar Bharati

Lets see what most of us worry about these days:-

  • Degree, Job, Package
  • Visa,Onsite
  • 2/3 BHK house, Car
  • School for children…..

I haven’t cross 60 yet and not sure what I will achieve by that time. But in recent Akshar Bharati annual program Shyamji, Chief coordinator of of SEWA International mentioned following:-
When someone crosses 60+, he/she sits down and retroscpect his/her life and try to answer what I have achieved ? He/She might be proud of all the material things oneself has achieved but then one question also comes in mind that what I have given back to society, which I am part of. Then that old chap might or might not be able to offer something as good as he/she would have offered at the age of 25-35. The correct time to ask such question to ourselves when we are most capable and can take active part in some social change.

If I look around and see what I can be part of, then I see lots on like minded people are trying to achieve India 2020 Vision. As far as I think education of kids will be going to play the most importart part.
Akshar Bharati is one such organisation and I feel proud to be part of it. We provide libraries to nurture the reading habits in children between age group 5-15 years from underprivileged and remote areas by facilitating access to good non-academic literature.

I would like encourage all my readers to do some kind of volunteer work. There is such a great joy in serving and sharing. You can’t experience until you do it yourself. Through Akshar Bharati we visit library locations on regular basis. When we talk to kids who just got the new books or got benefited by our books, we can feel the joy they share from the botton of their hearts.

[youtube ba22Dx4nxPc]

We are currently accepting formal membership for Akshar Bharati by which we can keep in touch and all the volunteers can be part of activites we do. If anyone is interested then I can be contacted for the time being till we have all infrastructurein-place. I can also be contacted for any donation.

Let’s be a part if India Vision 2020!!!!

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  1. Bhai,

    I am interested in this. Please tell me more.. What can be done, what are the requirements etc.



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