ABCL Inauguration Event

As planned we have formally inaugurated ABCL on 3rd July. I was not sure whether I’ll be able to make join this or not as I had to travel to and fro to my native because of something urgent. I reached back Pune on 3rd morning at 2 AM. Not only I joined , I got the opportunity to be an anchor… 🙂

Over the last week volunteers of AB took part in different activities to make this happen. Anand and Rajendra took part in setting up the Library Management Software, KOHA. Few took part in stamping, collecting books from different doners. I took part in old books donation drive and stamping.

We have received around 600+ books from the the donation drive. Employee from Synygy donated around 350 books. Rest of the books were donated by individuals. Apart from this we had around 800 of Akshar Bharati library which we setup in different AB libraries.  So, its a good number to start with.
Chief Guest Inaugurating the library.JPG

Our chief guest Mr Satish Gupta arrived at 11 AM and we started the event around 11: 30 AM. He appreciated the overall idea behind ABCL and showed lot of interest.
Event Participants.JPG He inaugurated the library and the computer Lab. I briefed about the idea behind setting up the computer lab. Then Satish ji, Anurag ji and Vijay ji shared their views about ABCL.

Just after that we had formal membership signup for all the participants. Then we had vote of thanks and everyone had some snacks.

More pics are available here.

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