Setting up 26 Libraries on 26th January’12 @ Akshar Bharati

Akshar Bharati’s vision is to help achieved India’s Vision 2020 of becoming a developed nation and sustain the growth through development of tomorrow’s citizens by encouraging environment of learning and education. Keeping this in mind we have decided to setup 26 Libraries on 26th January’12. To make this a reality we have to accomplish following tasks:-

– Identifying the locations
Over the years AB team has setup 300+ libraries in different places of India. Because of such visiblity we regularly get requests to set the library at new location. We have few such requests and will set libraries in few place from this list.

We’ll pick few locations from Donor’s request. Few donors choose to donate the whole library which costs around 25K(INR) in their home town or in remembrance of their loved ones. Apart from this AB team members do frequent field visits and suggest the location where we can setup potential libraries.

From above and other sources we’ll select 26 location and will setup all of them on the same day.

– Procurement of the books
As AB always setup the library with new books and donate books according to the need, the procurement team has to go through the the selected location list and then decide the right set of books.

After selecting the books the team will place the order the to the publishers and get them in the central place. Then the team will sort them according to the locations and stamp them. Then the book set will be forwarded to the team which will setup the library at the physical location.

– Fund Raising
And Guess What!!!! Setting all the libraries require funds. We have some funds which was given to AB from individuals and companies like IBM, Symantec, STEC, and ATOS Origin. But we need to collect more funds.

For this we’ll be reaching out to more companies and individuals. As we all know it is very difficult get some money from someone’s pocket. This task will
require some extra effort. People don’t pay until they have 100% faith in the cause.

– Library setup at the location
Not everyone can go to each of 26 locations, so we’ll have a team for each location which will go setup the library. But before setting it up lot of co-ordination is required b/w each team.

I hope we’ll finish all the tasks as expected and setup all the libraries.

If any of my blog reader want to contribute to any of the tasks I mentioned then please let me know. As it is not possible for one present physically I would appreciate any donation which one can make and do one’s contribution to India 2020 Vision.  Indian salaried donor can get tax exemption under Section 80G. Donation can be done online. Details are mentions here. Here is a documentary on Akshar Bharati

[youtube ba22Dx4nxPc]

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