Volunteer work for Akshar Bharati on Republic Day.

I am also a part of great initiative called Akshar Bharati.

Akshar Bharati collaborates with local NGOs and schools for setting up the library. NGO/School runs the library on a regular basis & AB provides them the support to run the libraries effectively and ensure it is making the right impact through regular activities, feedback, etc.

Volunteer Formatting the PCs

Akshar Bharati now has around 200 Libraries all over the India. Whenever I get time I try to do whatever I can. I have gone to setup few libraries and had great experience all the time. The joy you see in the kids’ eyes when they see new books is just too good. I can’t describe them in words.
Symantec gave machines that were scrapped recently during lab upgrade to Akshar Bharati. Akshar Bharati volunteers have to test the system and take them after doing the low level format.  Some of this work was scheduled on 26th Jan and I decided to be part of it.
Volunteer work for Akshar Bharati
Later volunteers will install Linux and Educational software on them. These PCs will be given the different libraries where students will have free access to them.This is really going to add great value.to their education.

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