DevConf 2016, Brno, CZ

DevConf’16, which happened between 5th to 7th Frb’16 at Brno, CZ; was my first conference after leaving Red Hat. My workshop on Comparing Docker Orchestration Tools got selected, so I decided to go. Though I got the accommodation but I had to pay my own air fare. Devconf is one of the conference which has very good technical content. It also gave me opportunity  to meet with RH folks, with whom I worked earlier or known for years.

I met few senior people of RH at the conference and told them about my decision to leave the company to try something on my own. They all appreciated the decision and wished me good luck.

On Day 1, I missed the keynote from Tim Burke as I was preparing for my workshop.  Though I watched it later and recommend every one to watch it.


It was good to see full house for my workshop. Due to time constraints I could cover only Docker Swarm and Kubernetes but made sure that participants understands the need for orchestration and problems those tools are trying to solve. I plan to keep the the workshop Git Repository with more examples and update it frequently.

I attended following sessions from the conference :-




  1. Understanding the Fedora – Red Hat Relationship – Denise Dumas
  2. Security for the Cloud with SCAP – Jan Lieskovsky, Martin Preisler
  3. System Upgrades: past, present, and future – Will Woods
  4. Refinance your Technical Debt with Microservices – Ralph Bean
  5. Trystack: Free OpenStack for Planet Earth – Will Foster
  6. So you want to be a Developer Advocate / Evangelist? – Grant Shipley

Most of the conference videos are available on YouTube.

After the Day1 sessions I had dinner with Red Hat’s performance team (my ex team). I also attended the conference party at Starobrno Brewery pub. On Day3 there was Grand Finale in which participants has to answer few questions related to open source. Though I did not win but it was great fun.

Overall it was great learning and had fun meeting with people. Hope to attend and present in next DefConf as well.

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