Bangalore Docker Meetup #18

As decided in the last meetup, we’ll discuss about the Logging and Monitoring Docker containers next time. This time our meetup was hosted at HPE office in Electronic City, Bangalore. Around 80 people attended the meetup this time.

After taking few questions we started with formal presentations. This time I gave the first talk but did not have any slides. I talked about importance for logging and monitoring in production. I showed outputs for docker logs and docker stats commands and went into some internals. Then I gave overview of Docker Logging Drivers and showed a demo of Syslog driver. My demo with logspouts and ELK stack did not work.

Saifi Khan from TensorX gave the next talk on cAdvisor. He also did not have formal presentation but went deep into how cAdvisor collects the stats  from the host. He shared an an article on cAdvisor, which got publish in one of the India’s Open Source Magazine.

Next was Sreenivas Makam of Cisco who talked about Sysdig with a very nice demo. I haven’t tried it earlier and was surprised to the very rich feature set of Sysdig. One could record the system state in a file and replay it like we do with TCPDump. It could be one stop of container Monitoring and Debugging. Recorded demos are available at his website.

Last presentation was from Vinay Krishna of SolutionIQ. Who talked about logging with FluentD.

We also had Samantha from Digital Ocean, who was in Bangalore to interact with Developer community. Digital Ocean is setting up a Datacenter in Bangalore, which was kind of news to everyone.

In March Docker community would be celebrating Docker’s 3rd birthday in which we would be doing Docker 101 workshop.

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