2010.. The year it was.

I sat down to write down the blog post on my 31st December’s Bike ride and while writing I retrospected the whole year and thought to
pen it down. Last year was more important at personal front. I completed one year of my marriage with Kanika. I think first year of marriage would be very important in anyone’e life. You slowly realize that you not single anymore … :). Ours was arrange marriage and took some time understand each other. I thank my wife for that. She was working with DLF in Gurgaon Kanika and Mebut post marriage she left it came to Pune.

After Six months of our marriage she took admission in C-DAC ACTS, Pune for VLSI and Embedded course (DIVESD) and doing well. After joining the course our life has become a bit busy but that’s fine. Its going to get over next month.

On technical front this was also a good year. Our company is going ZFS Port to Linux and will doing GA in Mid January this year and I am very happy to be part of it. Last year I also gave Linux Kernel Internals trainings at Symantec, which was great learning experience. I also gave two presentations at two FOSS events, one at Gnunify and other at Foss.in. Apart from this couple of my articles on SystemTap came in Linux For You.

I bought a domain name for my blogs, on which this post is hosted. I also got a Kindle(Amazons e-book reader) and a new bike for me.

I was hoping to get the possession of my flat last year but didn’t get it. I had to file case with Consumer Forum against the builder.
The case is still going but from the progress at site it looks I’ll get it soon. The possession is now delayed for nearly two years.
It has hit my pocket very badly. Lets hope for the best.

I also joined a guitar class which I have to leave in-between. I’ll give one more try and hope to continue practice this year.

I was not able attend Ishendra, Harita and Anurag’s wedding last year, which I didn’t want to miss.Β  Friends always have special place in my life and I feel bad to not be a part of their special moments.

Overall the 2010 was good. Leant few more lesson’s of life and will always cherish the memories….

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