I participate in Gnunify this year as well. Other that presenting my talk on “Setting Up Linux Kernel Debugging Environment”, I organized a programming contest as well with the PLUG members. I’ll be putting another post for that.

My talk was scheduled at 3:45 PM on 11th Feb and I was planning to go post lunch after attending office in first half. But there was some Bomb scare near to my office and the Police was diverted the traffic, so I decided to go Gnunify. I didn’t decide earlier which talks I am going to attend, so I was chatting with few folks there. Then I met Suchakra, Himanshu and Tanushri from the Fedora Team and came to know that we need make changes in the Fedora Activity schedule which was publish earlier. But that was too late as it was already 11 AM and more that 40 people were waiting in assigned room. After some discussion we decided to go with the schedule, Himanshu and I gave talks “Fedora – How to Contribute” and “Introduction to Virtualization” without any preparation. Both the talks very well and we received great response. After the talks we gave away F14 DVDs and key chains.

Later on the same day I had my talk as well. Rather that preparing the slides I just prepared a diagram using Freemind.

Kernel debugging

Most of the audience were students, so rather than giving much insight to any tool I just gave overview  and showed them few demos.

My second day of the event went mostly in conducting the programming contest. Later on second day I joined Himanshu to do a packaging workshop on RPM.  It was again a great experience and hope to participate in future events of Gnunify.

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