Second Paid Containers Workshop and Free Workshop in Kolkata

I did my second paid workshop in Bangalore on 12th and 13th March.  I had the similar count of participation as last time. Most of participants had some prior experience with Linux so it was much easy and I was well prepared as well. So things went more smooth than last time. One of the participant from the previous paid workshop attended as well.

Second Docker Paid, Workshop, Bangalore

Here is the feedback I received from one of the participants

Attended the awesome training by Neependra.It was useful for me to get my doubts clarified.This was just the second iteration and I am sure this will evolve into a sought after training in the container ecosystem.
This in-person training class is highly recommended. Kanti Jadia

In my Free Container (Docker) workshops series I went to Kolkata and delivered the workshop in association with SillyCon at Nasscom Warehouse on 19th March’16. Kolkata has its own charm and way of living. Everyone was so relaxed and came own their own time but with genuine interest. Some of them were there from the beginning and attended entire session with handson. SillyCon team even recorded the event. I made some new friends. It was very good experience and hope to do it sometime again.

So far I did the free Containers workshop in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. I’ll be doing a Virtual event in last week of April or first week of May and would do Delhi to conclude first iteration of free workshops. Next paid workshop is scheduled in Bangalore on 23rd and 24th April’16 in Bangalore.

Also While I was boarding the flight to Kolkata I saw a page dedicated on The Hindu’s Metro page about dishes to try out in Kolkata and number onDevilled Crab, Macambo, Kolkatae in the list was Devilled Crab of Mocambo. So just after landing to the airport I went to the place and had the dish. Believe me I was not dis-appointment.


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