Project Atomic Test Day- 20th Nov’14

Project Atomic test day for Fedora 21 was scheduled on 20th Nov’14. To be a part of that we organized test day in Red Hat’s Bangalore office.  As far as I know this is the first such activity we did in Fedora Community  from Bangalore. In Pune, India Fedora community organised  FADs on F21 testing and security in last few months.

We got really good response. Total 16 people were registered and from 11 turned up testing. Pretty good right :).

Some of the participants of this activity also attended CentOS Dojo, which CentOS community organized on 15th Nov’14. In that Aditya Patwari gave good overview of Project Atomic. That generated some interest in the project and made my job easier. Before starting the test day I gave quick overview of Docker, Atomic and how to use cloud init files. It took some time to get started but we all had the setup to test except one.  After the overview we started running the test case created by Roshi. We recorded the test results at test-app . We also raised two bugs  bz#1166073  and bz#1166082. By our end of day, when our US counter-parts came online, we had some good discussion as well.

We all had great time and hope everyone enjoyed and learned something new. We’ll look forward to more test days and Fedora activities from Bangalore and India.

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