9th Bangalore Docker meetup – Session on Kubernetes

After successfully organizing the Docker Global hackthon on 1st Nov’14, we have not thought about the next meetup. Then Vishnu Kanan from Google pinged us saying that he would be visiting Banglaore during last week of Nov and would like to talk about Kubernetes. We had quick discussion among co-organizers and thought it would be great opportunity to learn about Kubernetes. So we fixed the date to 27th Nov’14 as per Vishnu’s convenience and Relevance Lab agreed to host it on a weekday. Other than Vishnu, a team from VMware presented on Integration of Kubernetes with VMware stack.

Though it was a weekday, ~35 people attended the meetup and almost everybody said that we should host it on Weekends.
At the start of meetup we had quick round of introduction and then Vishnu talked about Kubernetes.

Other than Kubernetes he also talked about CAdvisor and Heapster which are monitoring tools. He also showed us live dashboard, which was really cool. 

After Vishu’s session, Vaibahv Kohli and his team members talked about Elasticity in Kubernetes. They also gave a demo in which they showed how a Minion is added dynamically in VSphere environment if existing minion run out of resources.

At the end of last session VMware team announced a new Bangalore meetup group for Kubernetes. It good but participants did not like the idea of having new meetup group just for Kubernetes. It can be part of existing Docker meetup. I mentioned that every time we do a Docker meetup, we always get people who are very new Docker so we have have to introductory session for 15 – 20 mins every-time. Kubernetes is pretty advance topic and if a person without Docker knowledge comes to meetup then he would not get anything. Anyways that was just suggestions from the earlier experience.

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