LinuxCon/CloudOpen NA 2014

I got the opportunity to attend LinuxCon/CloudOpen NA this year, which happened last week b/w 20th to 22nd August’14.

Few take aways for me  from the Keynote of Jim  Zemlin were

– Software is eating the World and Open Source is eating the Software.
– Any software foundation should work like janitor for its project, enable structured investment, reach out to new industries
– Marketing is very important for opensource

There were many tracks to attend but I chose to attend mostly containers track, which contained most of the Docker, LXC talks. Within containers track and overall I liked James Bottomley talk on Containers in Linux: Current State and Where We’re Going . He covered the history of containerization and where it is headed. In very limited time he covered lots of ground.

I also attended two talks on CoreOS talks from CTO of CoreOS Brandon Philips. He talked about CoreOS basics, etcd, fleet which gave me good overall view.

 Is It Safe To Run Applications In Linux Containers?  This is talk which Jérôme Petazzoni gave. There is no simple Yes/No answer. Docker made it complicated. Engineers from different companies are work on this and answer should be Yes in near future. 

In the Keynote Solomon Hykes shared most of the stuff from his DockerCon Keynode, which happened few months back. He talked about orchestration, networking, identity management.

Linda Wang gave good analogies to understand containization in general duing her talk Docker Enablement Makes Linux Container Easy to Deploy on Enterprise Linux and how Docker makes things easy for deployment.

I want to get involved more with Fedora, so I attended talk from Matthew Miller  on How Linux Distros Became Boring (and Fedora’s Plan to Put Boring Where It Belongs). He shared usage trend of different Linux distributiions. He talked about Fedora Next and different types of Fedora variants community is planning to cater needs of different segments.

Joe Beda from Google talked about Kubernetes which is a Docker orchestration tool in his talk “Managed Containers, Open Source, and Google”. Rohit Jnagal and his teammate gave me quick demo on Kubernetes as well. From my dicucssions with fellow participants it is not clear how all the tools like Kubernetes, CoreOS, Atomic, Mesos, Openstack, Docker are going to fit together. It would be very interesting to watch this space in coming months and if possible to be part of it.

Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier shared detailed about Red Hat’s Atomic project in his “Atomic in Depth: A Look at Project Atomic for Managing Docker Containers” talk. He also talked about Cockpit, rpm-ostree which project Atomic is going to use. This the project which I would like to contribute and make sure its production ready. I am going to play Fedora Cloud, which would have Atomic as basic building block. I hope we could do Fedora Activity Day (FAD) around it in India soon.

During the event I met many community members and had great discussions. Thanks a lot guys. Few social events were also orgnized during the main events. I went to Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago  on first day of the main event and then on third day participated in Fun Run which was actually guided city tour.

I reached Chicago few days earlier and got the opportunity to explore the city as well. It is really a beautiful city and should sometime in future with Family. During my stay I also attended and presented at Chicago Docker meetup as well.

After the LinuxCon I spent next week in Red Hat’s Westford, MA office. It was great meeting with team face to face. With work we had lots of fun.

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