6th Bangalore and 5th Chicago Docker Meetup

This month I got the opportunity to attend two Docker Meetups in two different parts of the World. One in Bangalore which I co-organizes and other in Chicago due to my visit to LinuxCon.


In Bangalore Docker Meetup  we had following agenda :-

1. Introduction to Docker – Lalatendu Mohanthy, Red Hat

2. Hands-On with Go – Kracekumar Ramaraju, recruiterbox

3. Intro to Dockerfiles – Karan Mishra


And for Chicago we had following agenda:-

1. What’s new in the latest Docker release and Docker Hub – Victor Vieux, Docker

2. Introduction to Docker support in Apache Mesos – Isabel Jimenez

3. Lightning Talk – Neependra Khare, co-organizer of Docker Bangalore

4. Lightning Talk – Laura Frank, Senior Engineer at CenturyLink Labs

Many of the Docker core team joined the Chicago Meetup, Solomon HykesJérôme PetazzoniVictor Vieux and others.

In my lighting talk I shared the difference between the two meetup groups –

– Back in India we don’t have any core Docker developers visiting the meetups but thats not case in Chicago. Rohit Jnagal from Google, who is one of the maintainer of libcontainer visited once

.- In India, we do meetups mostly on Saturdays which was surprising to guys in US.

– In US, the food is served before the talks. May be India we want to make sure that people listen all the talks before the food 🙂

To make my presentation more interesting I shared the member sign-up pattern of Bangalore Docker meetup group. Generally if we have a meetup in a given month we see more people join the meetup group.  Though in July’14 we did not have meetup but most people joined it. May be of DockerCon which happened last month.


Bangalore Docker Meetup Members Analysis
Bangalore Docker Meetup Members Analysis

The members count in Bangalore seem to be increasing month over month and now we ~350 members. I have requested the Docker core team to visit India sometime. Hope so that would happen soon. Post meetup some us went for some drinks and food. I enjoyed the discussions with Steve Hoffman, Solomon, Dave Lester and others. Hope I get this opportunity often.

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