Some Good Time with Friends..

I met Abhishek(Verma) after 5 years though we keep in touch via phone. We were not able to make to each other’s marriage. We were very close in our college days. We did lots of interesting together like a quiz show b/w differentschools which was aired (21 episodes) in local cable channel, Pre MBA test forour own batch-mates… :). We go to college on same bike. After college he joined a company in Calcutta and I came down to Pune in 2004.
AbhishekAndShranjikaThe other Abhishek (Shrivastava), who is in Pune from 5-6 years. We meet atleast once in every six months. This is because we stay in different parts ofthe city. He is also with us in the same branch in same college. As I was a dayscholar, I used to go to his room for study and we do lots other things there other than study. Later his parents joined him and I had to look for other room for my studies.. :).
AbhishekShikka  One thing that surprises everyone in our friend circle that he did a love marriage. He is happily married to Shikha and lives in Kharadi, Pune. He also did not meet to other Abhishek for some time.
Abhishek(Verma) came to Mumbai for some official and extended his stay to visitus in Pune.
We planned a trip to Mahabaleshwar on 23rd July’11. Earlier I was planning to go on my bike but later but we did a cab for all of us as we’ll have more time to spend together. Abhishek (Shrivastava) and Shikha started from Kharadi at6:30 AM and after joining Abhishek and Shranjika they came to my house around 8 AM. After having breakfast we started at around 9 AM. Our first stop was at Panchgani’s table top. We spent some quality there. Fog was playing hide and seek with us, which was making the every moment heavenly. We walked, chat and clicked pics. I had a horse ride as well. Then we had the some snacks and started for Mahabaleshwar.
It was already 2PM when we reached to Mahabaleshwar. Rain was everywhere,because of which it was very difficult to get the view of different points. As Abhishek(Verma) has to stay there on that day, we decided to check the availability at MIDC. We did’t get the accommodation there but we had the lunch there. Its food is much better than any other near by restaurants.  Then we checked-in near by hotel. We can not visit all the spots as their view is notpossible because of the rain. So, we decided to go old Mahabaleshwar to visit the Temple. Because of our B+ attitude we thought to visit few nearby pointsbut no luck.. :(.  We then returned to main city and visited the market and did some window shopping. After dropping Abhishek we started back to Pune and reached back at 10 PM.
Next day on 24th we had dinner at Abhishek’s (Shrivastava) home but we did notget enough time to spent together as other Abhishek and came late and he has toleave for Mumbai to catch his flight.
When I came to back it felt like we spent very short time together. It took us sometime to unwind ourselves in last two days. It may be because we all met face to face after such long time; we are now married and have someone to whom we need to give more love, attention; we all have different sets of problems to solve. In college days we had all the time; did not have official commitment though we thought we had.. :); and had the common problem to solve, semester exam. I wish wehad more time to spend together……

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