Yahoo…The Charisma of Shammi Kapoor

On 24th August on Pune Mirror I saw that there is show on Shammi Kapoor at Yashwantrao Chavan Auditorium from Niche Entertainment and without taking a moment I  discussed it with my wife and immediately we both decided that we should not miss this.  Its was a weekday but as it was at 9:30 PM, so we were able to make it. The show started at 10 PM.
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Our Anchor, Amit Vashist impersonated Shammi Kapoor and shared the details of his life. He has seen many failures before getting a success. His first 18 films did not do well and he even decided to leave the film career after “Tumsa Nahin Dekha”, if it doesn’t do well. He did put every thing on that film. With that film he crossed the barrier and joined the league with Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand. He became the youth icon of India. After that he gave hits one after another. His stardom got another boost with his first color file Junglee in 1961. His last film as leading actor was Andaz in 1971. He was married twice, first with Geeta Bali and then with Neila Devi.

In one of his interview he mentioned that one should utilize all  his resources to get success. 96% of your success comes from the hard work and only 4% comes from your luck.
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He was a net savvy person. He made his own website “” for the Kapoor family.
Though I did not watch much of his movies but I thoroughly enjoyed  most of his songs. All the songs in the show were live performed by different singers and artists. Everyone tried to wear the similar outfits which were worn in original songs. Lots of my favorite songs were performed.
Yahoo…The Charisma of Shammi Kapoor2 I enjoyed every moment there. The show went till 00:30 and everyone seems to be looking for more. It was nicely directed by Milind Oak. I really liked Savani Ravindra performance. She sang, danced very nicely. Archive of the show is available at:-
After watching the show I did more googling on Shammi Kapoor and became his fan. He crossed many obstacles to get see the success. We can learn lot from him. Though we know that he’ll not be back but still I sent a request to his twitter account to follow him….

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