’10 Experience

From the previous post you might know that I attended’10 and gave a talk on Ftrace in Fedora Mini-Conf.

I had great time there. Meeting with friends. talks, technical discussions on the flight/ at the venue/ at dinner…

Apart from all the keynotes and Fedora Mini-Conf, I attended following talks:-

Operating System Caches in a virtualized environment – Balbir Singh
Beyond init – systemd – Lennart Poettering
ZFS (ZettaByte File System) Port on Linux –  Anand Mitra
Getting started with Fedora Embedded and QEMU/ARM hands-on – Saleem Ansari

I liked the Balbir and Lennnart talk. I work on the ZFS Port on Linux, so obviously I liked it.

The keynote Failures of Fedora and what we learned from it by Rahul was great.  The Fifth ‘F‘ is very important for any project.

Fedora Team at'10

We had lot of fun at Fedora dinner party on 15th. First finding the restaurant with Pink Wall ..:) . We then ended up at Sahib Singh Sultan at Forum Mall. Other two evening were also good. Farenheit and Raghu Dixit with his team performed on 16th and 17th respectively.  I liked both of them.

We did great with Fedora Mini-Conf. Everyone of us was well prepared and was able to hold the audience. We rocked at Mini-Conf.

As we all know that there will not be any next year. It was great effort by the team to run the show for 10 years.

At the same time it will be good for new folks to come up and arrange the event like this. I would like to be part of it .. 🙂

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