Induction at Singapore – 3

We got up at around 7am next day 19dec,As soon as we were ready we went to have breakfast. Now as entered the dining room there were so varity to eat.I was confused , what to take. I do not know what to take.As I came back to my table where my other colleages were sitting. I started to take byte to every thing in my plate and one of the taste was really bad.And you know what was it. It was ” A boiled Ham (Suar)”. belive me it taste very bad.Afster that I had two glassses of apple juice.Then we took a taxi for our office 110,HB Building, Robinsion Road It took some 10 mins to reach to the office.Taxi driver dropped us in front of our office but we were not able to identify the building.So we roamed for some time and finally we got it. Our office was at 9th floor.We just went into the elevator and pressed 9.It only took 10 secs to reach there.We all said in common vocal “Itni jaldi”.

So we were ready to enter the office.The first person whom I saw in the office was Mr. Keith Miller,our APAC GSS Manager. He was also there for new hire orientation.He must me in his late 50’s. We saw our training room and went around the office.Office was not big but I can see more goodies around. One by one people coming into the office from different countries.I was just waking around and going there and there in office.I said hello to and shake hands with different of the was Mr Leon, GSS Chaina manager and some sales guys and girls from Australia and Japan. All of us went to the training room but
I did not find any place to sit.So, I just took a chair and about to put it at last, But Rosalin (our APAC HR) pointed out a space at front beside Keith.I was feeling very unusual as was sitting in front and beside Mr. Keith.

We got the schedule for the day and for tomorrow also.Then the training begins.One by one people and talked about Red Hat. I was feeling very lucky to sitting in that room.We had lunch and some other to interact with poeple.We all had dinner at 6:30 pm at Coffee House in Phennix Hotel in orchid Raod.Again some how I got the chance to sit beside Mr. Keith and interacted with him.We had a very nice dinner.He told me about his previous jobs,his experince.He is really a gentle man.He told me about his experiences in different companies.After the dinner Juliana told us the places to visit.

So after the dinner we went to roam around Orchid Road. As X-mas was near, the lighting on the road was very nice. There are some Christmas trees also which were fully loaded with lighting.We went through one side till the end.In between there are so many nice girls.We took some snaps also.At the end of road we bought some beer and crossed the road. After going some 100 meters ahead we saw an electronic shop and we entered to take a look as I have to buy a digi cam.We saw one girl with very tight clothes and thought may be she is a pimp.I ignored her and went into the shop and I asked the prices of cameras.As I came back from the shop one of other colleague said she went with a man in 150 Sing dollars.We again went ahead to till the end of road with beer in one hand.We saw a Yellow Ferrari, It was just great.We took some snaps also.We need to wait for the taxi for some time and went to hotel.So, this was our second day out there.

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