Induction at Singapore – 2

As we are about to land to singapore I can see a very beatiful port with lot of ships.It was like a film scene.I can see very beautiful buildings.It was very clean around the airport,as compare to our Mumbai airport.I can see planes from different countries and was trying to relate airline name from country name.And finally we landed.There are so manypeople coming out from the plane.It was like people coming out from a local bus.It was total five and half hour flight.Singgapore time is 2 and 1/2 hour ahead of us.We landed about 7:15 according to their timings.

As I get out from the plane I can see the very big and beautiful Singapore airport.As I went further I can see horizontal steps(elevator), due to habit conventional upward steps I was amazed.Every where there were people of different color,size and shapes.Then we filled the immigration form and went further to taxi stand.As we booked for a package one twelve seated taxi came and pick us.There were some other people who shared the taxi with us.
As we were passed one overbridge a sudden sound came from above and every one of us were scared.We all saw up and do you know what it? It was a aeroplane going on that overbridge.All the roads were so clean and buildings are so high that is hard to imagine.We took some snaps on the way and after a drive of around 20 mins we reached our hotel “Swissotel Merchant Court” situated at Clark Quake about 8:45 pm.My room No. was 624.We then quickly had bath and went for the dinner.We went to one restaurent near by all some “* Indonasian*”( * wild card 🙂 We had fried rice,one fish and one chicken item and lot of water as water cost 6 singapore dollor per bottle(1 singapore dollor = arond 27 Indian rupees).After having dinner we quickly went for sleep as we have to go office tomorrow.

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