Induction at Singapore -4

Last night(19th Dec) Mr. Murty(Pune office manager,went with me) invited Juliana and Rosalin for breakfast at 7:30 am.But as we slept very late,none of us wake up and they were waiting for us.I woke up
first and woke other people.Ritesh(New joinee as me) and I went to take care of Juliana and Rosalin.Then me and Ritesh started our breakfast.I took the all the stuff to eat, in which I will not make noises while eating.After some Mr. Murty with D Mitra(pet name DJ,one more new joinee) came and joined us.He is not having words what to say to them as we followed Indian Standard time.This is all about 8:30 am.We are suppose to reach office by 9 am.At that time Mr. Arvind enters with his wife and having one brand new samsung handy cam in his hand which was fully loaded with infrared support(do not ask me why I stressed more on this).We finally managed to leave from there by 8:50.Me,Juliana ,Ritesh and Arvind had to come in same taxi but Arvind was taking some time;So Juliana told us leave him and go to office.

So, by some 9:05 am we were at office.We all and other people went to the training room for the day.Mr. Keith wished me hello and take off the chair for to sit.It will be one of my unforgettable for life.I felt really great.After that Juliana gave some information about New Hire Club.And the Mr Delon took over for some of his presentation for Desktop uses.It was a bit bore.As that finished we went to a place near by where different kind of foods are available.As advised by Mr. Leon (Manager GSS Chaina) I took something called “meat popiya” ,then I had chicken rice. Then I one plate ice cream with people from Singapore office and Japan office.After having lunch we again went to office.We do not have much to do in office.In the first time in my life I smoked a cigarette with a girl(lady from Japan office).We then waited for Mr. Murty to finish his meetings and after that we left to hotel.

We stayed at hotel for some time and then we went ti Sim Lim Square to do window shopping for
Electronic items.We was there for some 2 hours and visited almost every shop. Then we all went to Mustafa, a very good shopping mall which opens 24 hours and very famous for cheap rates.There are so many things that I got confused what to buy.Finally I bought some T-shirts on which Singapore was written.Other colleagues also bought some or the other stuff and finally we returned to hotel around 1 am.

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