Induction at Singapore – 1

Thanks to Red Hat.I went from my induction to Singapore.We started on Sunday 18 Dec after enjoying company trip last day at panshet, beautiful place 45 minutes bike journey from pune.I’ll put some of the of this trip also.

After coming from the trip at midnight, I have to get ready for S’pore by 4 A.M.I packed my bags and then had a sleep for 2 hours.Finally we left by 5 in the morning.I was not feeling well becoz of lot of masti,dance and drinks and less sleep.
As I just got down from in Mumbai for breakfast at 7, what else do you expect.I vomited , YACC!!!!

Our flight was at 11:30.We reached to airport by 8:20. It was my first time and I do not know what to do.Thanks to the guys who were with me.I called my home from airport and every body was so happy.I checked in my luggage and got my boarding pass.we need to wait for more than an hour for our flight.In the meanwhile we had coffee for Rs 20 each and that really sucks.Finally we got the call to go our flight.I was eagerly waiting to see Air Hostess of Singapore Airlines.

As I got into my seat I was thanking God for giving me this chance.I never thought that I will go out of country this year.
In front of the seat I had a small screen and in one of my side has the reomte of that.They showed some safety instruction.
on that screen.Then the flight was ready to take off and you can all the slums around.I then look around and saw beautiful air hostesses.I ordered an apple juice and then started “Transpoter-2” movie.After some time i ordered the “Singapore Sling (Cocktail)”. It is really a fun to have cocktail in one of your hand and enjoying the movie above the Earth(Do not ask me how many meters).After some time I had a nice lunch with another glass of cocktail.After five and half hour of flight we were about to land.
I’ll continue my experience in next postings.

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