9th Bangalore Docker meetup – Session on Kubernetes

After successfully organizing the Docker Global hackthon on 1st Nov’14, we have not thought about the next meetup. Then Vishnu Kanan from Google pinged us saying that he would be visiting Banglaore during last week of Nov and would like to talk about Kubernetes. We had quick discussion among co-organizers and thought it would be great opportunity to learn about Kubernetes. So we fixed the date to 27th Nov’14 as per Vishnu’s convenience and Relevance Lab agreed to host it on a weekday. Other than Vishnu, a team from VMware presented on Integration of Kubernetes with VMware stack.

Though it was a weekday, ~35 people attended the meetup and almost everybody said that we should host it on Weekends.
At the start of meetup we had quick round of introduction and then Vishnu talked about Kubernetes.

Other than Kubernetes he also talked about CAdvisor and Heapster which are monitoring tools. He also showed us live dashboard, which was really cool. 

After Vishu’s session, Vaibahv Kohli and his team members talked about Elasticity in Kubernetes. They also gave a demo in which they showed how a Minion is added dynamically in VSphere environment if existing minion run out of resources.

At the end of last session VMware team announced a new Bangalore meetup group for Kubernetes. It good but participants did not like the idea of having new meetup group just for Kubernetes. It can be part of existing Docker meetup. I mentioned that every time we do a Docker meetup, we always get people who are very new Docker so we have have to introductory session for 15 – 20 mins every-time. Kubernetes is pretty advance topic and if a person without Docker knowledge comes to meetup then he would not get anything. Anyways that was just suggestions from the earlier experience.

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Project Atomic Test Day- 20th Nov’14

Project Atomic test day for Fedora 21 was scheduled on 20th Nov’14. To be a part of that we organized test day in Red Hat’s Bangalore office.  As far as I know this is the first such activity we did in Fedora Community  from Bangalore. In Pune, India Fedora community organised  FADs on F21 testing and security in last few months.

We got really good response. Total 16 people were registered and from 11 turned up testing. Pretty good right :).

Some of the participants of this activity also attended CentOS Dojo, which CentOS community organized on 15th Nov’14. In that Aditya Patwari gave good overview of Project Atomic. That generated some interest in the project and made my job easier. Before starting the test day I gave quick overview of Docker, Atomic and how to use cloud init files. It took some time to get started but we all had the setup to test except one.  After the overview we started running the test case created by Roshi. We recorded the test results at test-app . We also raised two bugs  bz#1166073  and bz#1166082. By our end of day, when our US counter-parts came online, we had some good discussion as well.

We all had great time and hope everyone enjoyed and learned something new. We’ll look forward to more test days and Fedora activities from Bangalore and India.

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8th Bangalore Docker meetup and Global Hackathon#2

On 1st Nov’14, Red Hat offices in Bangalore and Pune hosted Docker meetups and Hackathon.

~40 people attended Bangalore meetup. Before the hackathon we had following presentations :-

  • Docker Global Hackday opening by Avi Cavale, Co-founder and CEO, Shippable.
  • Introduction to Docker – Pranay Pareek, Shippable
  • Introduction to Project Atomic – Neependra Khare, Red Hat.

In the last meetup we looked at CoreOS and decided to to look at Project Atomic in this meetup. I used Colin Walters  slides to give Atomic presentations and then used Fedora 20 Atomic image to give Demo.

After the presentation and Lunch we had the hackathon. Four teams participated. I could not due to being host but I helped first timers with Docker handons. The four hacks we did are:-

1. Dockit – Docker GlusterFS integration @HumbleDevassy, @swordphilic, @hiSaifi


2. dockerComp – @arcolife,@krishnakalyan3 – Bangalore Hackathon Winner


3. Docker as a Load Balancer. @anandrm

Dockerize a Load Balancer to replace a Standalone Load Balancers.

4. CI with Docker @srikrishnaholla, @harishk8591106, @dilipkuki

We did not have anyone to judge, so we did the presentations and cast the vote ourselves. Local winner was dockerComp.

In Pune we did not hackathon but had great workshop. Look at the meetup page for awesome feedback. The workshop labs are available at following to anyone to use.


Overall it was a great experience. There were requests to do hands-on with Docker. We’ll try to do in next meetup.


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Rockstor – A Btrfs based NAS

Before joining Red Hat again two years back I was part of startup KQ Infotech (Which later got acquired by STEC Inc and now HGST). Before acquisition of KQ Infotech, we were extending the work from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) of bring the Sun/Oracle ZFS file-system to Linux by porting POSIX layer. After the acquisition not much was done at that front. Anyways that is not what I want to discuss here.

The idea behind porting ZFS to Linux is to get rich feature set of ZFS into Linux. It would be great to have those features natively on Linux and Btrfs is filling the gap and doing more.

Some of the commercial NAS products like FreeNAS/TrueNAS, ReadyDATA are developed on top of ZFS. 

Rockstor has come up with a NAS solution for Btrfs which is developed on top of Centos 7. I have been following it for year or so.The installation and manager is super easy. You can install it on VM, any commmodity hardware, Amazon. It provides some great feature like :-

– Snapshots

– Fast Cloning

– Thin provisioning

– Dynamic volume management

– Replication over WAN

The other very interesting add-on which Rockstor provides is Smart Probes through which one can dig deeper to explore various aspect of storage infrasturure. It is based on SystemTap, so it would be very helpful to debug performance related problems.

It also has RESTful API to do automated provisioning and management, which would make it easy for integration with cloud storage.

As far as I know Rockstor is first to come-up with NAS solution on Btrfs. It is a  very interesting project to watch.

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7th Bangalore Docker Meetup

Last Saturday on 20th Sept’14 we had 7th Bangalore Docker meetup at Relevance Lab. The agenda of the meetup was :-

1. Introduction to Docker- Jeeva, IBM

2. Namespaces/CGroupsMadhurranjan Mohaan , Apigee

3. Intorduction to CoreOS – Jitendra Kumar Yadav, Verizon Labs

The meetup started with round of introduction from participants and the hosts. Jeeva gave short and good introduction to Docker. After that Madhurranjan gave excellent session on Namespaces and Cgroups. The demos really helped to understand concepts well. The last talk was from Jitendra of Verizon Labs in which he covered basics of CoreOS .

During the vote of thanks, Puneet talked about his experience from DockerCon, which he attended few month back. He also said he is very happy to see such active Docker community in Bangalore and Relevance Lab would be activly participating in the meetups.

We talked about two other things

1. Participating in the next global Docker hackathon which is scheduled last week October’14. I was happy to see many members showing interest to it. It would great if we can take participation to next level and contribute to Docker code base.

2. Participating is Project Atomic test days. Fedora community would be organizing the test days for Project Atomic and it would be great if interested members can join that.

Hope participants were able to learn something new in this meetup. Thanks to Saifi Khan for the taking and sharing the pictures.

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Sequoia::Hack’14 – Social Listening with Docker Containers

I participated in Sequoia Hack’14  with Shireeh Anjal. We worked in different teams at Red Hat. In last year’s Sequoia hack we participated in different teams. This years we decided to form a team and use the team name I used last time Shadowfax. As currently I am playing with Docker, so I wanted to do some hack around Docker.

Our project name was Social Listening with Docker Containers. Though our idea of the project did not change but we changed the pitch of the it. So we pitched it like following:-

Lets say you created a product and hired a PR to market in social media. The PR firms charges you with X amount of money saying that because of their marketing your product has generated N tweets/FB posts etc. You want to make sure that PR firms have done their job. In simple terms you want to a litmus test.

We were just able to do just with twitter in limited time. So you come to our app and either give your twitter credentials or just let us know what keyword you want to search.

After that we would start looking for that keyword and collecting tweets and save it. Once the observation time gets over we get analyse the tweets give the results. As of now we just generate the word cloud and give the location from it got tweeted,if it has been geo-tagged.

So where is Docker in it ? As soon as someone submits a request, we start a container with its environment variables set to ones passed by the user. Then we use those environment variables to call twitter APIs to collect tweets and save it to ElasticSearch. When we want to do the analysis we query the ElasticSearch and get the dataset and do the analysis.The front to our app is written in RoR and we used to python APIs to connect twitter.

It was great experience overall, learned few things saw some great hacks. Hope to participate in future hackathons and at-least reach in final N.

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LinuxCon/CloudOpen NA 2014

I got the opportunity to attend LinuxCon/CloudOpen NA this year, which happened last week b/w 20th to 22nd August’14.

Few take aways for me  from the Keynote of Jim  Zemlin were

– Software is eating the World and Open Source is eating the Software.
– Any software foundation should work like janitor for its project, enable structured investment, reach out to new industries
– Marketing is very important for opensource

There were many tracks to attend but I chose to attend mostly containers track, which contained most of the Docker, LXC talks. Within containers track and overall I liked James Bottomley talk on Containers in Linux: Current State and Where We’re Going . He covered the history of containerization and where it is headed. In very limited time he covered lots of ground.

I also attended two talks on CoreOS talks from CTO of CoreOS Brandon Philips. He talked about CoreOS basics, etcd, fleet which gave me good overall view.

 Is It Safe To Run Applications In Linux Containers?  This is talk which Jérôme Petazzoni gave. There is no simple Yes/No answer. Docker made it complicated. Engineers from different companies are work on this and answer should be Yes in near future. 

In the Keynote Solomon Hykes shared most of the stuff from his DockerCon Keynode, which happened few months back. He talked about orchestration, networking, identity management.

Linda Wang gave good analogies to understand containization in general duing her talk Docker Enablement Makes Linux Container Easy to Deploy on Enterprise Linux and how Docker makes things easy for deployment.

I want to get involved more with Fedora, so I attended talk from Matthew Miller  on How Linux Distros Became Boring (and Fedora’s Plan to Put Boring Where It Belongs). He shared usage trend of different Linux distributiions. He talked about Fedora Next and different types of Fedora variants community is planning to cater needs of different segments.

Joe Beda from Google talked about Kubernetes which is a Docker orchestration tool in his talk “Managed Containers, Open Source, and Google”. Rohit Jnagal and his teammate gave me quick demo on Kubernetes as well. From my dicucssions with fellow participants it is not clear how all the tools like Kubernetes, CoreOS, Atomic, Mesos, Openstack, Docker are going to fit together. It would be very interesting to watch this space in coming months and if possible to be part of it.

Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier shared detailed about Red Hat’s Atomic project in his “Atomic in Depth: A Look at Project Atomic for Managing Docker Containers” talk. He also talked about Cockpit, rpm-ostree which project Atomic is going to use. This the project which I would like to contribute and make sure its production ready. I am going to play Fedora Cloud, which would have Atomic as basic building block. I hope we could do Fedora Activity Day (FAD) around it in India soon.

During the event I met many community members and had great discussions. Thanks a lot guys. Few social events were also orgnized during the main events. I went to Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago  on first day of the main event and then on third day participated in Fun Run which was actually guided city tour.

I reached Chicago few days earlier and got the opportunity to explore the city as well. It is really a beautiful city and should sometime in future with Family. During my stay I also attended and presented at Chicago Docker meetup as well.

After the LinuxCon I spent next week in Red Hat’s Westford, MA office. It was great meeting with team face to face. With work we had lots of fun.

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6th Bangalore and 5th Chicago Docker Meetup

This month I got the opportunity to attend two Docker Meetups in two different parts of the World. One in Bangalore which I co-organizes and other in Chicago due to my visit to LinuxCon.

Docker meetup #6

Saturday, Aug 9, 2014, 10:30 AM

17/2, 3rd Floor 2nd B Cross, Off. 80 Ft. Road, 7th A Main Road, Koramangala 3rd Block Bangalore, IN

87 Dockers Went

Agenda========1. Introduction to Docker  – 15 mins –  Lalatendu Mohanthy, Red Hat2. Hands-On with Dockerfiles – 45 mins to 1 hour – Ramchandra Palekar ,  ElasticScalability3. Hands-On with Go –  1 hour – Kracekumar Ramaraju, recruiterbox

Check out this Meetup →

In Bangalore Docker Meetup  we had following agenda :-

1. Introduction to Docker – Lalatendu Mohanthy, Red Hat

2. Hands-On with Go – Kracekumar Ramaraju, recruiterbox

3. Intro to Dockerfiles – Karan Mishra

Docker Meetup #5 at Braintree

Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014, 6:00 PM

111 N Canal St, Suite 455 Chicago, IL

90 Dockers Went

Join us for the next Docker Chicago Meetup! This event will be hosted at the Braintree office.Schedule6:00 to 6:30 Social / Food & Drinks6:30 to 7:00 What’s new in the latest Docker release and Docker Hub by Victor Vieux7:00 to 7:30 Introduction to Docker support in Apache Mesos by Isabel Jimenez7:30 to 7:40 Lightning Talk by Neependra Khare,…

Check out this Meetup →

And for Chicago we had following agenda:-

1. What’s new in the latest Docker release and Docker Hub – Victor Vieux, Docker

2. Introduction to Docker support in Apache Mesos – Isabel Jimenez

3. Lightning Talk – Neependra Khare, co-organizer of Docker Bangalore

4. Lightning Talk – Laura Frank, Senior Engineer at CenturyLink Labs

Many of the Docker core team joined the Chicago Meetup, Solomon HykesJérôme PetazzoniVictor Vieux and others.

In my lighting talk I shared the difference between the two meetup groups –

– Back in India we don’t have any core Docker developers visiting the meetups but thats not case in Chicago. Rohit Jnagal from Google, who is one of the maintainer of libcontainer visited once

.- In India, we do meetups mostly on Saturdays which was surprising to guys in US.

– In US, the food is served before the talks. May be India we want to make sure that people listen all the talks before the food :)

To make my presentation more interesting I shared the member sign-up pattern of Bangalore Docker meetup group. Generally if we have a meetup in a given month we see more people join the meetup group.  Though in July’14 we did not have meetup but most people joined it. May be of DockerCon which happened last month.


Bangalore Docker Meetup Members Analysis

Bangalore Docker Meetup Members Analysis

The members count in Bangalore seem to be increasing month over month and now we ~350 members. I have requested the Docker core team to visit India sometime. Hope so that would happen soon. Post meetup some us went for some drinks and food. I enjoyed the discussions with Steve Hoffman, Solomon, Dave Lester and others. Hope I get this opportunity often.

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5th Bangalore Docker meetup

Last weekend, 28th June we had 5th Bangalore Docker meetup at Shippabale. Over the last few weeks we worked on the agenda and finalized on following :-

1. Dockercon Report    –    Neependra Khare, Red Hat

Dockercon is scheduled on 9th-10th June’14.  If anyone of us attending Dockercon then he/she can share his/her experience. Else we’ll try to look at the Dockercon videos, blogs etc and attempt to summarize it.

2. Hands-on with DockerFiles  –  Ramchandra Palekar, ElasticScalability

3.  Demo of cAdvisor – Himanshu Roy, Red Hat

Introduction by attendees

This time we were not able to do “Hands-on with DockerFiles” , so it would be scheduled for next meetup.

~20-25 people attended the meetup. Some of the participants came from Chennai to attend the this meetup.  ~40% of them were new to Docker, so along with my session I gave an overview of Docker as well. In my session I mostly summarized Dockercon keynotes .

After my session Himanshu gave a demo of cAdvisor, Though we were not able to see per container stats but overall stats were nicely shown on the browser. I think this is very useful tool and would use it regularly.
Introduction by attendees
During my session I also share the coupon code which @vcoisne gave me, through which one setup few private repositories in Docker Hub for free.

There have been lots of questions during the session so it very interactive.  Chennai guys seems interested in starting a Docker meetup group in Chennai and I heard that a Docker meetup group in coming in Mysore as well. We also decided to have short (15 – 20 mins) Docker Intro talk in few upcoming meetups, which would help new folks to understand other talks in the meetup.

We tried to live-stream the meetup but due to some issue there was no audio. Anyways next time we’ll to do better in that front.



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3rd and 4th Bangalore Docker meetup

In May’14 we had two docker meetups in Bangalore. First was on May 10th and Shippable and second on May 31st at Red Hat office. In first meetup we had two sessions

Though there were less attendees in that meetup, we had good interaction.

Later in that week Rohit pinged us and suggested to talk on “Resource isolation in Docker ” as he is visiting India. We did not want to miss the chance to hear from him so organized the second meetup of May.Later he agreed to talk on “Docker Internals”. I thought it would be good idea to have some introductory on Go language, so reached out #golang Bangalore G+ community  to find out a speaker. Shivakumar GN agreed to take that up. Also Roshan volunteered to talk on Chef and Docker. With that we had following agenda :-

1. Introduction to Go Lang – Shivakumar GN

2. Docker Internals – Rohit Jnagal , Google

3.  Docker – Chef Integration – Roshan Nagekar

This time participation was better. ~40 people attended the meetup.

We also tried to live stream and record the video. Though quality was not that great but a good start :) .

We plan to do more hands on with #docker and #golang in future meetups.

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