Docker Global Hack Day #3, Bangalore Edition

We organized Docker Global Hack Day at Red Hat Office on 19th Sep’15. Though there were lots RSVPs, the turn up for the event was less than expected. We started the day by showing the recording of kick-off event.

Docker Global Hack #3The teams here worked on four different ideas, out of which two submitted to the Global Hack github page. The four ideas on which teams worked on are:-

Alan and Fayiz worked on PaaS idea, which can be used for setting up dev and qa environment.

Archit was winner of Docker Global Hack Day #2 as well for the same project. He updated the same project in this hackathon. His project is about crowd source analysis by using distributed computing  through  Docker.

  • Visualizing Docker Networking – Himanshu Roy

Himanshu was exploring the idea of visualizing multi-host Docker networking.

  • Spreading and collating containers on GlusterFS with runC -Mohamed Ashiq Liyazudeen, Hari Gowtham

By looking at runC demo in the kick-off video, we thought it would be good if we can run containers on GlusterFS and use it move containers around by saving and restoring the containers on shared volume.

I did not work on specific idea but I was helping teams and other attendees with their questions. I also worked on my upcoming tutorial at Linux Con, Europe on Data and Networking management with containers.

May be because of long weekend and other events we got less participation. Hopefully we do better next time.

23. September 2015 by Neependra
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Bangalore Docker Meetup #14

As planned in previous meetup, this time we arranged all the networking related talks. We covered topics from basics to advance. We looked at current state of Docker Networking and how it going to evolve in near future.  The meetup started with Q & A session, in which few participants discussed how they are using Docker in production.

Docker Networking – Current Status and goals of Experimental Networking from Sreenivas Makam

After Q& A Sreenivas Makum from Cisco talked about current state of Docker networking and briefly touched experimental Docker networking. He also gave a demo at the end.

After the Sreenivas talk, Lakshman have presentation on libnetwork He talked about how concepts like end-point, sandbox etc and plugin architecture of libnetwork.  Due to some logistic issue we could not do the demo.

Docker Networking (Libnetwork) – Lakshman Kumar from neependra

Next was Rachit Arora from IBM who briefly talked about libnetwork again and then shared his experience with multi-host networking with OVS and Weave. He also shared some performance numbers which he collected with different configurations. From his talk it was clear that performance is going to be one of the key factor while choosing the network solution for Docker in production.

Docker Multi Host Networking, Rachit Arora, IBM from neependra

The last talk was from Girag from Bluemeric in which he talked about networking in Kubernetes. He shared  in-depth details and personally I learned new new things.

Kubernetes Networking – Giragadurai Vallirajan from neependra

Overall the technical content in this meetup was very high and everybody loved that. We got some very good feedback. Lets keep it up.In the next meetup, we would be participating in Docker Global Hack Day #3 on 19th Sept.’15.

There were lots of questions regarding SDN and network tunneling technologies. Networking has drastically changed in last few years. I don’t fully understand it and see other folks who are also trying to catch up. So we also decided to do an experiment to share our learning in public domain. Members from this meetup group and other community members would be collaborating on a document which would cover networking from basic to advance level. For now we decided to collaborate on github repo.

28. August 2015 by Neependra
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Bangalore Docker Meetup #13

VMWare hosted 13th Bangalore Docker meetup on July 4th. We covered following topics:-

During the meeting we realized that, Docker Introduction always takes more than allocated time. It is good for first timers but not much beneficial for experienced users. From next time we are going to request all the new comers to come to the meetup before watching an Intro to Docker video and we would just take questions on first 15-20 mins or so.

Also in the meetup there have been few demos with proprietary solution built around Docker. They are good but somehow we feel that meetups are not the good place to showcase them in length, as the participant of the meetup would not be able to try it out later until they are existing customer or buy it. We don’t want to make meetups as place to showcase the proprietary solution. But at the same time it would be good if participants can know what innovative solutions companies are building .May be we can have last 10-15 mins at each meetup where companies are free to showcase the proprietary solutions but not on main track. Comments/Suggestions..

In the next meetup we plan to cover Docker Networking in detail, which would be scheduled sometime in August. Suggestions of topics are welcome for next meetup but they should be related with networking.

13. July 2015 by Neependra
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Red Hat Summit 2015

After attending DockerCon on 23rd June I took what people call Red Eye flight to reach Boston on 24th morning. I missed the Day 1 of Red Hat Summit on 23rd and had to miss keynotes 24th has as well because the flight got delayed. Later I have watched all those keystones. Apart from Jim Whitehurst and Paul Cormier keynote, I would recommend everyone to watch middle-ware keynote, specially the demo part in which we showed Red Hat Mobile platform and its integration with OpenShift v3. The demo is just too awesome.

At this summit Red Hat announced Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform to run containers at scale in production, OpenShift Enterprise v3 for Web scale distributed app and Red Hat Access Insight. All of these are very significant ones.

This summit was very special at personal front. Two years back when I first attended Red Hat Summit I got the signed copy of Gordon Haff’s Computing Next book and imagined that one day I would also do book signing like him. I never imagined that this would come true in just 2 years. Over the last year I wrote a book a Docker which got published on 11th June’15. On 24th June at Red Hat Summit we had a book signing event. It would be a memorable day of my life.


I attended few sessions on containers and OpenShift. I took part in expert bar and Performance BoF, in which we interacted with customers directly to discuss their performance related issues or any other general questions.

During my two day participation I met lot of co-workers/friends and had some good time over drinks, which is always a fun :)


06. July 2015 by Neependra
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DockerCon 2015

I got the opportunity to attend DockerCon last month  (June 22nn and 23rd’15) in San Francisco. This was my visit to SF. I reached there on 20th June’15. On 21st I took a bicycle on rent and cycled through Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito and Tiburon. While coming back to SF I took Ferry from Tiburon. Later in the day I met Suman in person, Founder of RockStor Inc,  whom I interacted few times virtually.

Next day on 22nd June, DockerCon started and one could feel lots on energy at the conference. Few important takeaways for me from the conferences are :-

  • Docker wants to make internet programmable and it is becoming a tool for mass innovation
  • Formation of Open Container project,  under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, for creating open industry standards around container formats and runtime.
  • runC, which is implementation of Open Container Project specifications
  • Fast paced, bleeding edge Docker releases to experiment with upcoming features – Docker experimental
  • Built-in multihost networking coming in next release, which would have plug-gable back-ends
  • Docker plugins to extend the capabilities of Docker Engine. With Docker experimental release we can try Network and Volumes plugins today.
  • Announcement of Docker Notary to securely publish and verify content. It is still work in progress.

Docker 1.7 was released with announcement of Docker Compose 1.3, Swarm 0.3 and Machine 0.3. Swarm now has Mesos integration and Machine can provistion different OS like RHEL, Fedora, Dabien, RancherOS

Following video from Docker team summarizes the DockerCon announcements

Other than talks I tried to catch-up with all the booths setup by different vendors/partners.  I also spent some time Red Hat booth and distributed Container Coloring book by Dan Walsh.



03. July 2015 by Neependra
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PacktPub Docker Cookbook

I am happy to announce that my book on Docker, Docker Cookbook ( got published last week.  I got introduced to the publisher through a tech friend of mine and I am thankful to him for sharing this opportunity with me. I started working on the book almost a year back.


Docker Cookbook

I was very new to Docker at that time but was co-organizing Docker meetup in Bangalore, India and learning from Docker community. The book covers concepts, managing Docker and images, Network and Data management for containers, Docker use-cases, Orchestration and Hosting platforms, Docker Performance and Security. I tried to put whatever I learned in last year or so. There are many more topics in wish-list. Hopefully I get the chance to cover them in second edition.. :).

I would like thank all the reviewers of the book, Scott Collier, Allan Espinosa, Julien Duponchelle and Vishnu Gopal  for giving their valuable time to review the content, giving suggestions and finding my mistakes.

It had been more work than expected. I spent many weekends, nights to work on it. There were few times when it felt that I won’t be able to pull it off but thankfully I did. I want to thank my family, friends and co-workers at office who supported me with this project. It was great fun to work on the book. During the process I learnt a lot and Docker community had been great help.

I hope the readers would find the useful and learn from it. I have setup a mailing list through I would share updates, earrta bout the book. More details about the book can be found here.

Lastly I would like to thank Arun Ravindran for allowing me re-using his book’s website template for my Docker Book.


17. June 2015 by Neependra
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9th Bangalore Docker meetup – Session on Kubernetes

After successfully organizing the Docker Global hackthon on 1st Nov’14, we have not thought about the next meetup. Then Vishnu Kanan from Google pinged us saying that he would be visiting Banglaore during last week of Nov and would like to talk about Kubernetes. We had quick discussion among co-organizers and thought it would be great opportunity to learn about Kubernetes. So we fixed the date to 27th Nov’14 as per Vishnu’s convenience and Relevance Lab agreed to host it on a weekday. Other than Vishnu, a team from VMware presented on Integration of Kubernetes with VMware stack.

Though it was a weekday, ~35 people attended the meetup and almost everybody said that we should host it on Weekends.
At the start of meetup we had quick round of introduction and then Vishnu talked about Kubernetes.

Other than Kubernetes he also talked about CAdvisor and Heapster which are monitoring tools. He also showed us live dashboard, which was really cool. 

After Vishu’s session, Vaibahv Kohli and his team members talked about Elasticity in Kubernetes. They also gave a demo in which they showed how a Minion is added dynamically in VSphere environment if existing minion run out of resources.

At the end of last session VMware team announced a new Bangalore meetup group for Kubernetes. It good but participants did not like the idea of having new meetup group just for Kubernetes. It can be part of existing Docker meetup. I mentioned that every time we do a Docker meetup, we always get people who are very new Docker so we have have to introductory session for 15 – 20 mins every-time. Kubernetes is pretty advance topic and if a person without Docker knowledge comes to meetup then he would not get anything. Anyways that was just suggestions from the earlier experience.

04. December 2014 by Neependra
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Project Atomic Test Day- 20th Nov’14

Project Atomic test day for Fedora 21 was scheduled on 20th Nov’14. To be a part of that we organized test day in Red Hat’s Bangalore office.  As far as I know this is the first such activity we did in Fedora Community  from Bangalore. In Pune, India Fedora community organised  FADs on F21 testing and security in last few months.

We got really good response. Total 16 people were registered and from 11 turned up testing. Pretty good right :).

Some of the participants of this activity also attended CentOS Dojo, which CentOS community organized on 15th Nov’14. In that Aditya Patwari gave good overview of Project Atomic. That generated some interest in the project and made my job easier. Before starting the test day I gave quick overview of Docker, Atomic and how to use cloud init files. It took some time to get started but we all had the setup to test except one.  After the overview we started running the test case created by Roshi. We recorded the test results at test-app . We also raised two bugs  bz#1166073  and bz#1166082. By our end of day, when our US counter-parts came online, we had some good discussion as well.

We all had great time and hope everyone enjoyed and learned something new. We’ll look forward to more test days and Fedora activities from Bangalore and India.

24. November 2014 by Neependra
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8th Bangalore Docker meetup and Global Hackathon#2

On 1st Nov’14, Red Hat offices in Bangalore and Pune hosted Docker meetups and Hackathon.

~40 people attended Bangalore meetup. Before the hackathon we had following presentations :-

  • Docker Global Hackday opening by Avi Cavale, Co-founder and CEO, Shippable.
  • Introduction to Docker – Pranay Pareek, Shippable
  • Introduction to Project Atomic – Neependra Khare, Red Hat.

In the last meetup we looked at CoreOS and decided to to look at Project Atomic in this meetup. I used Colin Walters  slides to give Atomic presentations and then used Fedora 20 Atomic image to give Demo.

After the presentation and Lunch we had the hackathon. Four teams participated. I could not due to being host but I helped first timers with Docker handons. The four hacks we did are:-

1. Dockit – Docker GlusterFS integration @HumbleDevassy, @swordphilic, @hiSaifi


2. dockerComp – @arcolife,@krishnakalyan3 – Bangalore Hackathon Winner


3. Docker as a Load Balancer. @anandrm

Dockerize a Load Balancer to replace a Standalone Load Balancers.

4. CI with Docker @srikrishnaholla, @harishk8591106, @dilipkuki

We did not have anyone to judge, so we did the presentations and cast the vote ourselves. Local winner was dockerComp.

In Pune we did not hackathon but had great workshop. Look at the meetup page for awesome feedback. The workshop labs are available at following to anyone to use.

Overall it was a great experience. There were requests to do hands-on with Docker. We’ll try to do in next meetup.


04. November 2014 by Neependra
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Rockstor – A Btrfs based NAS

Before joining Red Hat again two years back I was part of startup KQ Infotech (Which later got acquired by STEC Inc and now HGST). Before acquisition of KQ Infotech, we were extending the work from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) of bring the Sun/Oracle ZFS file-system to Linux by porting POSIX layer. After the acquisition not much was done at that front. Anyways that is not what I want to discuss here.

The idea behind porting ZFS to Linux is to get rich feature set of ZFS into Linux. It would be great to have those features natively on Linux and Btrfs is filling the gap and doing more.

Some of the commercial NAS products like FreeNAS/TrueNAS, ReadyDATA are developed on top of ZFS. 

Rockstor has come up with a NAS solution for Btrfs which is developed on top of Centos 7. I have been following it for year or so.The installation and manager is super easy. You can install it on VM, any commmodity hardware, Amazon. It provides some great feature like :-

– Snapshots

– Fast Cloning

– Thin provisioning

– Dynamic volume management

– Replication over WAN

The other very interesting add-on which Rockstor provides is Smart Probes through which one can dig deeper to explore various aspect of storage infrasturure. It is based on SystemTap, so it would be very helpful to debug performance related problems.

It also has RESTful API to do automated provisioning and management, which would make it easy for integration with cloud storage.

As far as I know Rockstor is first to come-up with NAS solution on Btrfs. It is a  very interesting project to watch.

02. November 2014 by Neependra
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