Induction at Singapore – 2

As we are about to land to singapore I can see a very beatiful port with lot of ships.It was like a film scene.I can see very beautiful buildings.It was very clean around the airport,as compare to our Mumbai airport.I can see planes from different countries and was trying to relate airline name from country … Read more

Induction at Singapore – 1

Thanks to Red Hat.I went from my induction to Singapore.We started on Sunday 18 Dec after enjoying company trip last day at panshet, beautiful place 45 minutes bike journey from pune.I’ll put some of the of this trip also. After coming from the trip at midnight, I have to get ready for S’pore by 4 … Read more

Red Hat

So ,Finally I joined Red Hat last month.It was like dream come true.I do not have words to express my self.In a months time I learned a lot,got new mentor, new freinds.At Red Hat It feels great.Work is like fun here. The very first day I joined , I felt at top of the world, … Read more