Docker and DevOps Meetup

Mohit and I met at  first GitHub meetup of Bangalore in March’16 and discussed that it would be a good idea to do a joint meetup of Docker and DevOps groups of Bangalore. Later we followed up and decided to do it on 30th April’16. It was hosted at IBM’s EGL office in Bangalore. We decided to do a full day event as we received a good number of topic suggestions. 250 people RSVPed for the meetup and ~100 people came for the meetup.

Docker and DevOp meetup - Apr'16

I started the meetup by going through the Docker and the Three Ways of DevOps white paper to reiterate why Docker and DevOps goes hand in hand in recent times.

After that Jeeva S. from IBM talked about doing CI/CD using GitHub, Jenkins, and Docker. After talking about Jenkins 2.0 features, he showed how he built a CI/CD pipeline using Docker 3rd Birthday App and Jenkins. Another gentleman from IBM then talked about how IBM uses Jenkins to do CI for the Power Platform. Sudipto Biswas and Manjunath K  then shared their team’s experience of running 10K containers on one physical machine.

Next session was from Burr Sutter of Red Hat, who gave an excellent presentations on Mircoservices and DevOps. He compared Docker and Microservices to magic, which we think is going to solve all the world’s problems. Is it ?  Docker and Microservices are really hot these days but in some time this is going to stabilize and we’ll move to some-thing new.

Docker and Mircoservices hotness

But that does not mean companies should not adopt them. In the near future they would become normal and we don’t think of them as a universal solver of the world’s problems 🙂 . He also shared a blueprint of the journey which every company has to go through to adopt DevOps and Microservices.

After that Pradeep Chhetri gave a good introduction of Mesos and how we can use it for doing CI/CD using Jenkins framework.

Post lunch we had Abhishek Narain from Microsoft, who talked about Azure container service and how we can use Mesos or Docker Swarm as a container orchestration engine on the Azure Platform.

After that Harendra Singh and Chetan Tarale from Shippable gave a presentation on Shippable platform with a demo.

Last presentation of the day was from Balaji of, who talked about doing CI/CD with Jenkins & He did not pitch about their platform and focused mostly on how to do CI/CD and the need of DevOps, which is a really good thing to do in such community events.

Next Bangalore Docker Meetup is scheduled on 4th June’16 and we’ll keep that Developer centric this time.

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  1. Thank you for giving information Devops, i couldn’t attend that meetup and i missed that opportunity and If there is any another meetup regards Devops, definitely i will attend


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