Bangalore Docker Meetup #21 at Infosys

We had our last Docker Meetup at Infosys on 9th July’16. Though some 300 RSVPed but only 80 people attended. It is good to see company like Infosys coming forward and hosting such meetup. Thanks to Ganesh from Infosys for taking the lead here and making it happen.
Docker Meetup #21 @InfosysHe started the meetup with introduction about Infosys and then introduced the speakers. After that I talked about my DockerCon experience and briefed everyone about announcements made at DockerCon’16 like Docker 1.12, new Swarm mode, AWS and Azure beta, Window and Mac Beta etc.

Ajeet then talked about Docker 1.12 release, Docker Swarm. He talked about scaling, routing mesh, constraints etc. He then gave demo of Docker Swarm with Docker 1.12.

After that Aditya Patawari talked about Docker Networking. He talked about the kind of network available by default when we start Docker. He gave demo on bridge, host mode and overlay networks.

Continuing on the network topic, Suraj talked about macvlan and ipvlan and gave excellent demos for both of them. With macvlan and ipvlan, container can get IP address from the local LAN.

We then moved to Docker security and as usual Srinivas Makam gave excellent session of Docker Security. I always learn something from him. He talked about namespaces, cgroups, capabilities, seccomp, SELinux, image scanning , Docker Engine secure access, best practices etc.

Lala then talked about atomic scan, which is a container vulnerability detection tool. He also talk SCAP, SCAP bench and gave a demo as well.

Raj Kiran from Infosys then talked about Docker for Developers and gave a demo with Netbeans.

Infosys team has recoded the sessions and hopefully they would share it in public domain soon.  During the meetup we also announced about the Docker 1.12 hackathon  and we are planning to hands-on with people who registered for hackathon on 16th July.

We would be doing the next Docker meetup some time in August 3rd week.