Docker Bangalore Meetup #16

Last Saturday on 5th Dec’15 we had another Docker meetup at Dell’s India R & D office in Bangalore. I think this was most attended meetup and very well organized. We had great set of talks lined up this time.

Docker 1.9 – New Features – Sreenivas Makam, Cisco

Practical Docker Solution – Kesav Kolla, CTO HotelSoft

Docker usage & benefit in Dell OpenManage products –  Prashant K S  R, Dell

Project Atomic and multi container packaging  – Lalatendu Mohanthy, Red Hat

We started with Q & A session and this time we could definitely see the shift in the quality of questions people asked. We had questions like choosing the right container orchestration tool,  Docker is production etc.  The first talk was from Sreenivas Makam who talked about latest feature of Docker 1.9.

Next talk was from Kesav, who is running Docker in production for more than a year now.  He talked about practical issues he faced while running Docker in Production. Everyone could relate to it and enjoyed his talk. He was a busy man after the talk 🙂

Prashant then talked about how Dell is exploring to Dockerize some of system management software, which looks interesting.

The last talk was from Lalatendu, who talked about Project Atomic, Atomic App and Nulecule. He has also written a blog post, which gives more details.

Overall it was a great meetup. As there were lots of questions around Container Orchestration, we thought of doing the Orchestration specific meetup next time.

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