Bangalore Docker Meetup #13

VMWare hosted 13th Bangalore Docker meetup on July 4th. We covered following topics:-

During the meeting we realized that, Docker Introduction always takes more than allocated time. It is good for first timers but not much beneficial for experienced users. From next time we are going to request all the new comers to come to the meetup before watching an Intro to Docker video and we would just take questions on first 15-20 mins or so.

Also in the meetup there have been few demos with proprietary solution built around Docker. They are good but somehow we feel that meetups are not the good place to showcase them in length, as the participant of the meetup would not be able to try it out later until they are existing customer or buy it. We don’t want to make meetups as place to showcase the proprietary solution. But at the same time it would be good if participants can know what innovative solutions companies are building .May be we can have last 10-15 mins at each meetup where companies are free to showcase the proprietary solutions but not on main track. Comments/Suggestions..

In the next meetup we plan to cover Docker Networking in detail, which would be scheduled sometime in August. Suggestions of topics are welcome for next meetup but they should be related with networking.

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