24th, 25h and 26th Jan’09

Last weekend DJ, Gulal, Kundan and I went to Diveagar (????????) beach at Konkan.
It is around 200 km from Pune . We started on 24th afternoon and reached there around 5:30 PM.We just reached there on time as evening is the best time to enjoy there. Apart from DJ all of us jumped into water.

After playing sometime with the Rugby ball which I took we enjoyed the Sunset.

We reached to our hotel around 7 PM. After having bath we headed towards the beach again to do the camp-fire.
But it was too dark so we came back and wandered here and there. Then we went to Mauli restaurant to have the dinner.Then we came back and had some light chat and went to bed.

Next day (25th) we woke up early and went to beach again. Its was good but not better than the last evening.At 9 AM we started for Harihareshwar , which is around 30 kms from Diveagar. There is temple near the beach.

We visited the temple and after having the breakfast we headed back to Pune. We reached back to Pune at 5:30 PM.

After that I went to drop DJ to shopper’s stop as he needs to meet someone :)… and while returning I bought the tickets of Raaz. After coming back Gulal and I went for a walk. Later we all we all went to Pizza Hut at JM Road. Then we went to E-Square to watch movie.

On 26th we woke up at 8 and then had breakfast at Shiv Sagar (Aundh). Then DJ, Gulal and came to my place and we went to to have Lunch at Prem’s, KP. After that I came to my flat and rested all the evening.

Overall this was one of the best weekend I had in Pune.. enjoyed a lot.

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