Why you left Red Hat?

Last month I left Red Hat and joined a startup KQInfotech. Some of my friends, relatives and few unknowns ask me why I left Red Hat in such scenario when the market is down. Here are some thoughts which I had while making this decision:-

  • If not this time then never.
  • I always to wanted to work at system’s area, specially with Linux kernel. I might have got this opportunity at Red Hat after 2-3 years but that would have been bit late. At KQInfotech I was getting immediate opportunity.
  • I was getting into my comfort zone at Red Hat.
  • At KQIfotech I am also getting an opportunity to teach, which I always like. We are having a year long program PGDSP in Gurukul tradition, in which we will be taking 20 interns and they will be trained to become a system programmer.There is no fee for this course.
  • To get a startup experience. In future this will be helpful 🙂
  • Moving from support to development.
  • This was the right time to take risk as I am still single.

5 thoughts on “Why you left Red Hat?”

  1. Hey Nipendra,

    When you leave Big brands, there are many eyebrows raised. I am happy you put logic above emotions 😉
    Best of luck for your new role teacherji 😀


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