Bangalore Docker Meetup #17

As decided in the Dec’15 meetup, in the next meetup we would discuss about different Orchestration tool available to run containers in a cluster. This meetup was hosted by Shippable at their Bangalore office and we talked about Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesos and Amazon ECS. Thanks to Aditya for filling in for Mesos, last minute as our earlier planned speaker got some work and had to back off. We did following presentations/demos :-

I was thinking of putting an app which we can deploy on all the four orchestration engines and see what it takes to deploy on each of them. Once deployed run some kind of performance tests and see how features like autoscale work. I thought a real world e-commerce platform would be a nice example and while doing some browsing we came across  blog post  from Mark Shust to deploy Magento2 on Tutum, which gave good reference. Though we could not finish on this study this time. I would try to do it for my DevConf workshop in Brno, CZ early next month.

We started the meetup with some Q & A and then Arunan talked about Docker Swarm, Universal Control Plane and Tutum.

After Arunan’s talk I presented the KubeCon’s workshop presentation and compared the Magento2 Docker Compose file with Kubernetes RC and Service files (WIP).

After the small break Aditya presented next on Mesos and gave a demo as well.

Last talk from the day was from Vinothini on Amazon ECS.I really appreciate her coming forward to take this topic, which may not be her primary focus area.

I hope participants learnt something new on that day. At the end we enjoyed pizza and beverages sponsored by Shippable. While we were enjoying the Pizza, team from Hasura gave a demo of  Pangaea  to do one click deployment of Kubernetes. Thanks for Anuran for flying over to Bangalore for just the meetup. In the next meetup we’ll talk about logging and monitoring for containers, which would be scheduled in last week of Feb or first week of March’16.


Apart from the regular meetup Docker Bangalore would be celebrating Docker’s 3 Birthday in third week of March’16 and we plan to do two 3 hours Docker basics workshop. We would be looking for volunteers to help with workshop and they can register here. We’ll announce dates and venue for the basic workshop soon.


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