3rd and 4th Bangalore Docker meetup

In May’14 we had two docker meetups in Bangalore. First was on May 10th and Shippable and second on May 31st at Red Hat office. In first meetup we had two sessions

Though there were less attendees in that meetup, we had good interaction.

Later in that week Rohit pinged us and suggested to talk on “Resource isolation in Docker ” as he is visiting India. We did not want to miss the chance to hear from him so organized the second meetup of May.Later he agreed to talk on “Docker Internals”. I thought it would be good idea to have some introductory on Go language, so reached out #golang Bangalore G+ community  to find out a speaker. Shivakumar GN agreed to take that up. Also Roshan volunteered to talk on Chef and Docker. With that we had following agenda :-

1. Introduction to Go Lang – Shivakumar GN

2. Docker Internals – Rohit Jnagal , Google

3.  Docker – Chef Integration – Roshan Nagekar

This time participation was better. ~40 people attended the meetup.

We also tried to live stream and record the video. Though quality was not that great but a good start 🙂 .

We plan to do more hands on with #docker and #golang in future meetups.

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