From Support to Development

So, its been some time since my profile had changed .. from support to development. its has been very happening till now. Leaning new things.. debugging things more closely. Few things I learnt, which I will now follow forever:-

  1. Coding style.
  2. Think for sufficient time before you code.
  3. Take a paper and pen and follow your code with sample values.
  4. Use the editor effectively.
  5. Free the allocated memory.

I am putting down above things after 4 years of experience. Isn’t this bad?
Yes. it is.

I didn’t take care of above things when I was into support. But that would be an excuse. All of them are building blocks and these should be clear when you code in college …. but for that you have to code…

In my college days we preferred to copy the code rather writing it from scratch . This is only possible when your faculty is not good enough. Thanks to them, for providing me the content of this blog entry.

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