Chasing the Red Light (Full Moon Night Trek)

This was my very first experience of trekking.Lot of people gave their name for the trek but finally we 10 people went for it.Five from my team,our Manager Mr. Ravi and his 3 friends.One of them in professor from IIT Mumabi.We started from office at 5:15pm and reached Katraj at 6:30pm.Then we loaded ourselves with water,oranges,apples and chocolates.Our guide Abhay was waiting there.Then we started off by climbing the highest hill as Abhay told us.There weretotal 11 hills which we need to cross.After climbing the first one we saw whole Pune with great lighting, and then our head turned up to see the moon.At that time there were some clouds and the moon was not clear.We then moved ahead and I put one more water bottle in my bag and just after some steps the zip of my bag got broke and all the stuff which I had in my bag went down.As a result I did not have to carry anything and my all things were distributed.Finally we passed the first hill.

After that we crossed one more hill without a problem.Then Abhay showed us The Red Light on the Sinhgad fort which was 2 and half kms away from our destination.Then we climbed hills one by one looking at that Red Light.We were taking stop after climbing almost every hill.The team spirit was great and we were together always.Although there was some age difference b/w us but that did not matter.I thought that climbing is the difficult part but coming down is more difficult.We had a bit problem only when we were coming down.

After finishing our 9th hill some of us had small nap and we were again ready to rock.The last two hill was really difficult to climb.We were totally exhausted after crossing the 11th hill.It was around 7 in the morning.We then walked some one more km to reach to out cars.We took some snaps and left to our home.

Well I would like to one more thing here.”Neep” means in hindi is “Slope of the hill” and “Indra” means “Raja”,So meaning of my name makes some sense.Thank God …..

The total experiance was fabulous.I think now I know myself better after this trip , I do not know why. so keep evolving………..

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