New Year’s Party

Some how we managed to have a get together.It was a long time when we all met and in this huge quantity, not numbers.So there are some 12 odd old buddies who were finally able to meet and those are Abhishek Shrivastava,,Bala,Shivam,Satya,Gaurav,Nirkhe,Ajay,Arvind,Deepanshu,Akshay (E&TC;),Abhishek Nema (E&TC;) and by default me as party was organisedat my flat.
We started the counting with Bala who was here on 31st morning from Heydrabad.I went to the hostel where Satya,Ajay and Deepansu stays.Soon after Abhi shri and Bala joined us.We then started laughing and “lag gaye ek doosre ki cheelne mein”It was about 1 PM, Then Shivam came to the hostel.Gaurav called Nirkhe to join us in the evening.We then went for the lunch around 3 PM.As we finished lunch Arvind joined us and then made a plan to go for a movie and the movie name is Bluffmaster.Me and Satya reached at the City Pride and buyed the tickets.As the movie finished we went to my room.

We then collected the money and then Me and Abhi Shri went to buy all the stuff.We bought some 3 litres of liquor, 3 packets of cigarettes,20 eggs,some chiken, and rice to make the pulav.

Nirkhe,Akshay ,Abhishek Nema joined us around 10:30 pm.And then the party began to rock as we started off.As two round finished all of us started enjoying the party.Satya cut the onion for the pulav ofcourse before the drinks.Then I made the pulav.Ajay was totally out of control and he started doing crazy things.Soon after Satya began.All of us were dancing and then the clock reached at 00:00 and we cheered “HAPPY NEW YEAR”.As my landlord stays one floor down to me, I was started worrying that there are so many of us started dancing and making noises.I can hear the landlord voice for my roommate’s name.I just put everybody in and aksed to keep quite but as you may have guessed correctly nobody listened me.Some people left in the night only.

Here comes the hit of the day………….

Bala is mad about a girl named (dim girl XYZ), what is dim …………….(ask Bala).
Girl called at around 2 AM to Bala and Bala said that by mistake I gave a miscall to you and they talked.
Shivam and me both asked Bala to propose that girl on the same day but he did not listened.Bala went to her home town to meet her some time back, as she was so sad about some thing.That girl also knows that Bala likes him very much but MR. Bala …………
I woke up at 7:20 and everybody was sleeping.I took Bala’s phone and renamed my name as that girl(XYZ) and renamed her name also.Then I sent a SMS from my phone to Bala’s phone with the message “Missing you a lot,Call me as soon as possible”.Then the SMS came on Bala’s Phone as that Girl’s name (XYZ) and he saw it.At that time he was like a “Majnoo” went off from the bed and about to call her.His face was amazed and then I told him that it was me.He said “abe salle sari neend karab kar di”.Bala is going to remember it.

Then we had the breakfast and all left their way………

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  1. Hi neeps,
    Its good to hear that u guys enjoyed a lot .Just wanted to correct one thing as a grammatical mistake as asked by u earlier u have written “Buyed” instead u should have used “bought”. I know u might be knowing this .This is very silly but i enjoyed pointing this one out so dont mind.


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