Multi-Layer Organic Farming Workshop by Akash Chaurasia

I attended a 5-Days organic farming workshop by Akash Chaurasia at the Sri Paripoorna Sanathana Ayurveda Medical College between 15th-19th Dec’22. It was a complete hands-on workshop on the fields with lots of insights. Some of the important things I learned and observed are:-

  • Agriculture is the mother all industries. Many works because of this.
  • Soil and water quality is decreasing day by day.
  • In the last 50-60 years, we have given more importance to man-made fertilizers, pesticides to more production but completely forgot how nature takes care of itself.
  • Most of the farmers have very small land holdings and they need some ways of regular income. Earning just twice a year is not sufficient and can be times risky times.
  • There are a lot of people who are coming back to farming. In our group there were many folks who left the corporate world and now full time into farming.
  • We need to enable farmers to from produce to product to get the most benefit of the value chain.
  • We need think Farming as another profession and bring more professionalism.
  • Indian (Desi) Cows plays are indispensable part of the entire farming process. We should understand their importance and work towards educating others.
  • There is an urgent need to revert back to natural and organic way of farming.

There were many more learnings but for some other time. For now let me share some details about day to day activities.

On Day – 1, after the inaugural ceremony Akash gave us the presentation on organic farming and then went to the field for the soil treatment.

Day1 – Soil Treatment

On Day – 2, we had a session on multi layer farming in which we discussed about different layers, farm layout and soil treatment. After that we setup the main bamboo structure for the multi layer farming.
Day – 2, Setting the bamboo structure.

On Day – 3, we learnt and did the the wiring setup on top of bamboo; which would help us holding the structure and help creepers grow. After our workshop we were joined by Kamal Taori and Irmel Marla Ji, who shared their pain on why India is recognising its potential. Kamal ji also shared the importance of marketing and value addition, in the organic farming sector. If a farmer can not get at-least 1.5x of the input price, then he/she would leave the farming and everyone nodded to it. Both of them have also written a book – Marketing the unmarketed and done some amazing work in the field.

Session with Kamal Taori & Irmel Marla
Day -3, Setting up the wiring to hold structure.

On Day – 4, We added the net across the structure and covered the top using the maize paddy to let around 50% of the Sun raises some in. After the entire setup it was feeling so comfy inside.

Day 4 – After the complete setup

Post that we created farming beds, learnt about the seed management and even sowed the seeds as well. Late in the evening Akash also shared the details about the complete and balanced diet for the plants.

Day 4 – Sowing the seeds by the Swami Ji and Trustee of the SPSAMC

On Day 5, Akash shared diet plan for the Indian cows, seeds selection and storing process and how a model 4 Acre farms should look like. He then stressed on why farmers should create products from their on own produce, to get most of their efforts.

Model 4 Acre Farm

After that we had the closing ceremony and certificate distribution. Post lunch we went to a Gaushala and then left to start our own journey and share our learnings. Those 5 days went very quickly. We learnt a lot from everyone, had some great food and made some good friends as well.

I appreciate Akash’s effort to share his knowledge freely to others. You can follow him on Facebook and YouTube. He organises one such workshop in his hometown, Sagar (M.P.) every month and do workshops across India. I am also native from the same region and hearing him with our local dialect was great fun. I would also like to thank all the organisers and college for all the arrangements.

I have setup a partial multi layer terrace garden last year with the help of Mr Krishna Kumar of Quantum Leap and he suggested that I should attend this workshop.

My Terrace Garden

I know managing a farm would be completely different than a terrace garden but it is a start. We, as family have a close to none land holdings. For now I would like to join my farmer friends in their journey of multi-layer farming by spending sometime in the fields and then may be one fine day …… .

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  1. It was like revisiting the whole thing ! ?? Grt thank you ! Will sure invite to my farm once I have one…am sure soon ! Happy farming !

  2. A well articulated summary.I had to leave on the third day afternoon due urgent call from Guruvayoor where I live in a7acre farm left by my father to me and my sister.

  3. Wawooo… It is real wisdom of Life. It is Godly, it is Economically Good, it is really a Social welfare and Achievements of Life.

    I felt it should be goal of my life. It is helpful to reduce Global warming, Reduce Many diseases and injuct the Immunity to Nature.

    Jeevan Shetty
    Karnataka Udupi

  4. Very nice analysis. It would have been better if every process was described by making a brief summary of the same. As it would have been a revision of what we have learned in the seminar. I appreciate your attempt to document the happenings at the seminar. It is very useful, a revision of what we have learned. It will be more effective if we make a synopsis of each process involved. As by the time we have returned, we know how the structure is erected, but we have forgotten the details of how it is done. We’ll be in touch. Congrats for taking the lead.

  5. Very nice blog – thanks for summarising points in a nice way. I would like to join hands in documenting the best practices for the natural farming.


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