Open Data Camp 2013, ISB Hyderabad

I got the oppotunity to attend and present at Open Data Camp 2013 at ISB Hyderabad on 22nd June 2013. Ealier this year I presented at Open Data Camp, Bangalore as well.

My topic of the talk was “How to visualize the data over Web using Shiny + R”I showed how we can put the analysis done on R over to web using Shiny. We can even provide user interactive inferface. My presentation is available at:-

For my demo I took two datasets from :-

1. District-Wise Availability Of Health Centres In India as of March 2011

With this I showed the visualization using R + gglot2 (bar chart) for different kind of health center for all districts for given State or Union territory. I also showed how we can download the data in a csv file, which is being currently analyzed.

2. Enrollment for Ph D/M.phil across India between 2001-09

During 2004-07 I observed that less students opted for higher education especially for Ph. D..  May be because students were seeing better prospect in IT. But after 2007 more students opted for higher education. From the visualization of above dataset it becomes very evident.

This time I used slidify to create my presentation, it is very easy and neat way to create and publish.

There was something new to learn from most of talks. I was really impressed by visualization done by World Bank and kind of APIs they provide. World Bank has very rich datasets for lots of countries. Other takeaways for me :-
– How Google maps are helping different part of societies.
– How to query the Wikipedia as database using SPARQL.

I liked the idea of having talks for just 15 minutes. I think it is sufficient to convey the message. It saves lot of time for both the presenter and the audience.

I hope more such data camp keep happening to share the knowledge from different sectors.

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