Teaching experience at SICSR, Pune

Last month I finished teaching a semester course on Operation Systems at  SICSR, Pune. We Started the session in Mid June and finished on 1st September. In June and July I taught with my full time job at STEC. I left STEC on 3rd August and then teaching became my primary focus.

I taught MSc(CA) first semester course. The students had varied back-ground. When myself and SICSR team, specially Harshad Gune were putting down  objective of the course, we decided to teach by giving examples rather than typical OS theory. So that students at-least get to see the tools like cscope, git, make etc, through which they can traverse the kernel coded,  compile the kernel… it they wanted 🙂

After the first session I was not sure whether student would be able to cope with the content which we have lined up for them. Many times I just had to repeat the 75% of content of the previous lecture to make everyone on the same page. This was still OK but when students did not answer which I just taught I got really frustrated.  It felt like why I am trying to teach such advance stuff to the students who do not care. But there were some students who followed me as expected. I think this story of almost every class… :).

After couple of weeks of teaching I realized that may be I should not force students to learn each and everything I teach them. So I started focusing much on the fundamentals rather giving more details. This lowered my expectation from the class but at the same time students started grasping more.

SICSR Farewell-1
That being said I saw good improvement in their understanding of the subject over these months. I am satisfied with kind of the results students showed me in my internal exams.
SICSR Farewell-3
Earlier I took week-long courses but this was my first full semester course. The latter was much more challenging and fun. It was great learning learning experience for me.

I hope to get more opportunities to teach in future.

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  1. Sorry sir that we had disapointed you in the begining. We were very new to Linux and immediately beginning by Kernel compilation was not only making us scared of OS as a subject but also started making us scared of Linux as an OS. OS for us had always been very theoritical. Thanks to you that we got a practical glance of it.

    Thank you for tolerating us for 3 long months, I know we can get too irritating at times!

  2. hi Sir,
    It was all over a new thing we learned from you.
    We were very new to Linux OS. Switching from the clicking days on windos OS to command world was not easy for ur but some or the other way you made us do it.
    Thanks lot for bearing us so patiently whenever we irritated you and let you down. And extremly sorry for that too. It was nice learning with you. hope you a have an awesome life at Banglore.

  3. Sorry sir at starting we are very new to linux & command-line so we cdnt focus on dat but after that we were really interested in your subject & when you took doubt clearing sessions then dat ws really very very helpful for us.& i want to give you specially thanx becz you gv me separately your precious time & clear all my doubt regarding VFS n reasn of kernl compilation.
    Thank you Sir,


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