Report from Containers (Docker) Workshop – Chennai

After doing free workshop in Bangalore and Pune, next stop of free workshop was in Chennai which I delivered on 9th Jan’16.

I got few registrations for Chennai last month but after announcing it on Chennai Linux User group, I got more registrations. I was looking for a community space to host the workshop as it was free one. Thanks to Shakthi, System Insights provided the space and sponsored the lunch as well.

We scheduled half day workshop (9AM – 2 PM) as I later we planned to got to Linux User Group meeting, which got cancelled for some reason. Due to fog, my flight got delayed and I reached Chennai ~10 AM and started the workshop at 10:40 AM. Luckily no body left till then and because of the LUG meeting cancellation we could stretch upto 3 PM. I tried my best to cover full day workshop’s content in limited time. I hope the it was worth their waiting time.

One of other feedback I got that I should cover more basics, on which I try to improve. 

The workshop content was well organized and overall it was good. But there are few prospects for improvement. I strongly feel that there must be a Basic workshop for containers which just tries to make people understand the concept of containers from first principles. For example, it can start with explaining chroot and then proceed in an incremental and logical manner and arrive at the concept of containers.  Raashid Fatah, Embedded Software Engr. at Zilogic Systems

Next free one day workshops are scheduled in Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Virtual.  Also first two days paid workshop is scheduled Bangalore on 23rd – 24th Jan’16 and Pune one would be announced soon. 

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Bangalore and Pune – Free Containers (Docker) workshop

After leaving my full time job at Red Hat I started offering some free workshops in different cities on India. As currently I am staying in Bangalore and stayed in Pune for 8 years before moving, I choose both of these places to start with. Later  I’ll be doing the free workshops in Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi is coming months.

Through the existing contacts and some social marketing I got good number of registrations. Most of them are currently from Bangalore and Pune. Good number of people want to have virtual training as well. As we can see from below social media played important role in getting the people registered. But word of mouth and announcing on different mailing lists got most people registered.

Free Container Docker Workshop Google Drive


In my workshops I want to keep limited seats so that I can focus on individuals. So I picked up random 10-12 people and requested them to deposit 1K INR to my account, which I promised to return on the day of workshop. This is to make sure people who confirms, attends the workshop. 

 As I was doing free workshops I needed space for free or at low cost. In Bangalore, Red Hat offered me space for the workshop. Other than some setup issues everything worked as expected. Here is the feedback from one of the participants. 

Containers (Docker) Workshop

The Workshop was very useful i have gone through all the docs after the workshop . Getting clear idea about upcoming technology is very hard but you gave clear vision about docker . Thank you So much Neependra for providing such a great opportunity.  Sabarinath S, Senior Cloud Operations Engineer at MarketShare

In Pune,  I did it at my friend’s office . Out of 11 confirmed participants 9 attended the workshop. Following is feedback from one of the participants


I felt privileged to attend Neependra’s docker workshop. His expertise on state of art technology (docker) and great teaching skill, makes the workshop very useful. Ajit Jain, Senior Software Engineer, Druva

Doing free workshops have been good learning experience so far and would work on the suggestions I got. Future free workshops are scheduled in Chennai (9th Jan’16), Hyderabad (30th Jan’16) and Delhi (13th Feb’16). Also first two day paid workshop is also scheduled for Bangalore on 23rd and 24th Jan’16. 

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Docker Bangalore Meetup #16

Last Saturday on 5th Dec’15 we had another Docker meetup at Dell’s India R & D office in Bangalore. I think this was most attended meetup and very well organized. We had great set of talks lined up this time.

Docker 1.9 – New Features – Sreenivas Makam, Cisco

Practical Docker Solution – Kesav Kolla, CTO HotelSoft

Docker usage & benefit in Dell OpenManage products –  Prashant K S  R, Dell

Project Atomic and multi container packaging  – Lalatendu Mohanthy, Red Hat

We started with Q & A session and this time we could definitely see the shift in the quality of questions people asked. We had questions like choosing the right container orchestration tool,  Docker is production etc.  The first talk was from Sreenivas Makam who talked about latest feature of Docker 1.9.

Docker 1.9 Feature Overview from Sreenivas Makam

Next talk was from Kesav, who is running Docker in production for more than a year now.  He talked about practical issues he faced while running Docker in Production. Everyone could relate to it and enjoyed his talk. He was a busy man after the talk 🙂

Docker practical solutions from Kesav Kumar Kolla

Prashant then talked about how Dell is exploring to Dockerize some of system management software, which looks interesting.

The last talk was from Lalatendu, who talked about Project Atomic, Atomic App and Nulecule. He has also written a blog post, which gives more details.

Project Atomic-Nulecule from Lalatendu Mohanty

Overall it was a great meetup. As there were lots of questions around Container Orchestration, we thought of doing the Orchestration specific meetup next time.

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Free Container (Docker) Workshop

As mentioned in the earlier post I’ll be doing free workshop on containers in different cities of India, I am putting down following google form to capture the interest.

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Left Red Hat .. Again, to start something on my own

Yesterday (2nd Dec’15) was my last day at Red Hat  (again). I left Red Hat in Dec’08 to join a startup and then joined back on Sept’12 .  This time I worked in the performance engineering team, which does performance evaluation of all the Red Hat products. It was best team I worked so far. I did performance benchmarking for products like Gluster, OpenStack, Docker, OpenShift. All of these products do not work in silos, so integration was another major thing I learned. I also got opportunities to attend and present at many international and national conferences like Red Hat Summit,  LinuxCon, DockerCon, DevConf etc. As last time it was great learning experience and I would always cherish the memories.

To make things more interesting this time I would be trying something on my own to do training and consulting for containers technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Project Atomic, OpenShift v3, CoreOS etc. By looking at the trend, it looks companies would be going to production with containers in next year or so. Containers eases the dev to production cycles but it comes with initial cost, which is steep learning curve for  Dev, QA and OPs guys. To manage frequent release cycles and to keep the cost low, companies have to embrace Microservices and DevOps practices.  For the small companies and start-ups this shift would less painful than compared to big corporations. 

As this shift happens I believe we would see demand for skilled people who can understand the technology and help companies to do the transition.  Companies would also need help in choosing the right tools to fit into their stack as there are lots options; for example if you want  create cluster of nodes to run containers, would you choose Docker Swarm or Kubernetes or something else.  With that in mind I thought of venturing into consulting and training space. To start with I would be giving free hands-on workshops over the  duration of 2 months in different cities of India. The content of the training would open-sourced to keep it upto date and have people access to it whenever they need.

Lets see how things turn out.

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Akshar Bharati Library Setup at NIMHANS, Bangalore

On 28th Nov’15, Akshar Bharati helped setting up Library section for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services centre NIMHANS, Bangalore. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services provides day-care to person with psychiatric disabilities  and engage them with some vocational activities like arts, dance, yoga. Reading would be an additional activity. The library was inaugurated by director of NIMHANS Mr. P. Satish Chandra.

At Akshar Bharati we generally setup libraries for  under-priviledged children at schools or communities where they can read  books. Setting up library at NIMHANS certainly does not fall in that category.  The idea to setup library there came from our volunteer Renuka Gopinath and she connected us with Doctors at there. Dr.  Hareesh was our contact person there. He and his team have done an amazing job to setup the library room, collect the old books and arranging them. One of the Doctor’s daughter talked to her classmates, strangers to collect the books !!!

Library Setup at NIMHANS, Bangalore


To setup the library we collected old books, magazines in different languages like Hindi, Kannada, English, Malyalam, Telgu, Bengali and Tamil. To spread the word we created flyers, facebook events etc and our Akshar Bharati co-ordinator Mr. Ganesh did all background work for that.  Some of our friends also bought new magazines subscription for the library. Collecting books/magazines for this library would be an ongoing process. If anyone wants to donate then feel free to reach out to me.

It was great team work and we are happy that we could do it. I am hoping keep this momentum going and setup more libraries in and around Bangalore.

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Docker Bangalore Meetup #15

We hosted 15th Bangalore Docker meetup at VMware Office on 31st Oct’15.  We wanted to do all the storage related talks this time, like we did for networking last time. But we did not get speakers for all the topics we decided earlier. Thanks for Debashish and Moorthy who came forward to pick a topic each. Following is the agenda we had :-

WP_20151031_11_21_20_ProWe started the session with Q & A session in which participants raised questions about Volumes, Security and Docker in Production. After a round of introduction we started sessions. I gave the first session on storage backends for Docker. I extended my tutorial which I gave at LinuxCon EU last month, so that participants can try it later on as well. After my session Debashish Saha talked about Docker Volume. After that Moorthy RS gave excellent talk on Docker Volume plugin. He showed with an SSHFS example, which was really helpful. WP_20151031_001

At last Vaibhav and KG from VMware talked about Photon, which minimal container OS like Project Atomic and CoreOS. They also gave overview of VMware Appcatalyst , which VMware is promoting as Desktop Hypervisor for Developers. Currently it is available for Mac OS only.

Once the session were, we took suggestions for topics for next Meetup, which we’ll schedule at this month end or first week of Dec.


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LinuxCon Europe 2015, Dublin, Ireland

In July this year I came to know my tutorial session on Data and Network management for Docker containers has been selected for LinuxCon EU’15 at Dublin. This was significant achievement for me. Having a book on Docker under my name and doing some community activities, would have helped for sure. The conference was scheduled between 5th to 7th Oct’15 at Dublin, Ireland.

There were few announcement during the conference like Linux Foundation announced Real-Time Linux (RTL) Collaborative Project,  IBM launched of Linux servers based on OpenPOWER for big data workload. One should also checkout World without Linux video series.

I got to meet many folks from the Linux Community in the conference. I would cherish my meeting with Michael Kerrisk. Red Hat community had good presence at the event. We presented about Project Atomic, OpenShift, Gluster, Docker, Raspberry Pi and others. Joe Brockmeier  moderated a container panel in which we had speakers from Docker, CoreOS, Citrix and Red Hat.

In my opinion theme of this LinuxCon was ARM, Drones, IoT and containers. I attended talks on containers, IoT talks from IoTivity folks. Out of curiosity I even attended DroneCode developer workshop. Lots of of people who working in that field were there and listened to some interesting discussion. But the workshop of poorly organized with no clear direction. Most of the time just went in setting up environment.

I wanted to make my tutorial very interactive and participants should be able to use and share after the session.  With few iteration I narrowed down to following :-
Vagrant for doing lab environment
Jekyll for creating the pages
asciinema for recording terminal
GitHub Pages for hosting the content

the end-result is at

I was happy to see the full house for my session and got some really good feedback as well. I came to Ireland few days before the conference and we went to road trip from Dublin to Kinvara, Cilffs of Moher and on way back to Dublin from Shannon we went to Bunrattny Castle. After we reached to Dublin back, we attended Oktoberfest as well. IMG_2009

On one conference day LinuxCon team arranged for bicycle tour,  which I joined.  Official LinuxCon party was organized at  Guinness Storehouse on 7th Oct and there can not be a better way to say good-bye.

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Docker Global Hack Day #3, Bangalore Edition

We organized Docker Global Hack Day at Red Hat Office on 19th Sep’15. Though there were lots RSVPs, the turn up for the event was less than expected. We started the day by showing the recording of kick-off event.

Docker Global Hack #3The teams here worked on four different ideas, out of which two submitted to the Global Hack github page. The four ideas on which teams worked on are:-

Alan and Fayiz worked on PaaS idea, which can be used for setting up dev and qa environment.

Archit was winner of Docker Global Hack Day #2 as well for the same project. He updated the same project in this hackathon. His project is about crowd source analysis by using distributed computing  through  Docker.

  • Visualizing Docker Networking – Himanshu Roy

Himanshu was exploring the idea of visualizing multi-host Docker networking.

  • Spreading and collating containers on GlusterFS with runC -Mohamed Ashiq Liyazudeen, Hari Gowtham

By looking at runC demo in the kick-off video, we thought it would be good if we can run containers on GlusterFS and use it move containers around by saving and restoring the containers on shared volume.

I did not work on specific idea but I was helping teams and other attendees with their questions. I also worked on my upcoming tutorial at Linux Con, Europe on Data and Networking management with containers.

May be because of long weekend and other events we got less participation. Hopefully we do better next time.

23. September 2015 by Neependra
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Bangalore Docker Meetup #14

As planned in previous meetup, this time we arranged all the networking related talks. We covered topics from basics to advance. We looked at current state of Docker Networking and how it going to evolve in near future.  The meetup started with Q & A session, in which few participants discussed how they are using Docker in production.

Docker Networking – Current Status and goals of Experimental Networking from Sreenivas Makam

After Q& A Sreenivas Makum from Cisco talked about current state of Docker networking and briefly touched experimental Docker networking. He also gave a demo at the end.

After the Sreenivas talk, Lakshman have presentation on libnetwork He talked about how concepts like end-point, sandbox etc and plugin architecture of libnetwork.  Due to some logistic issue we could not do the demo.

Docker Networking (Libnetwork) – Lakshman Kumar from neependra

Next was Rachit Arora from IBM who briefly talked about libnetwork again and then shared his experience with multi-host networking with OVS and Weave. He also shared some performance numbers which he collected with different configurations. From his talk it was clear that performance is going to be one of the key factor while choosing the network solution for Docker in production.

Docker Multi Host Networking, Rachit Arora, IBM from neependra

The last talk was from Girag from Bluemeric in which he talked about networking in Kubernetes. He shared  in-depth details and personally I learned new new things.

Kubernetes Networking – Giragadurai Vallirajan from neependra

Overall the technical content in this meetup was very high and everybody loved that. We got some very good feedback. Lets keep it up.In the next meetup, we would be participating in Docker Global Hack Day #3 on 19th Sept.’15.

There were lots of questions regarding SDN and network tunneling technologies. Networking has drastically changed in last few years. I don’t fully understand it and see other folks who are also trying to catch up. So we also decided to do an experiment to share our learning in public domain. Members from this meetup group and other community members would be collaborating on a document which would cover networking from basic to advance level. For now we decided to collaborate on github repo.

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