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Rockstor – A Btrfs based NAS

Before joining Red Hat again two years back I was part of startup KQ Infotech (Which later got acquired by STEC Inc and now HGST). Before acquisition of KQ Infotech, we were extending the work from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory … Continue reading

02. November 2014 by Neependra
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5th Bangalore Docker meetup

Last weekend, 28th June we had 5th Bangalore Docker meetup at Shippabale. Over the last few weeks we worked on the agenda and finalized on following :- 1. Dockercon Report    –    Neependra Khare, Red Hat Dockercon is scheduled on … Continue reading

30. June 2014 by Neependra
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GlusterFS presentation @LSPE-IN, Yahoo!

Last  Saturday on 14th September’13 I gave on GlusterFS presentation at LSPE-IN. The title for the presentation was Performance Characterization in Large distributed file system with GlusterFS . Few days before the talk I looked at the attendee list to get  the … Continue reading

16. September 2013 by Neependra
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Linux Performance Analysis and Tuning talk at PLUG and University of Pune

On this month’s PLUG session I gave talk on Performance Analysis and Tuning on Linux, which has good feedback. Then I got an invitation to do the similar lecture from CMS (Centre for Modeling and Simulation) Department, University of Pune. I accepted … Continue reading

26. August 2012 by Neependra
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