Bangalore Docker Meetup #21 at Infosys

We had our last Docker Meetup at Infosys on 9th July’16. Though some 300 RSVPed but only 80 people attended. It is good to see company like Infosys coming forward and hosting such meetup. Thanks to Ganesh from Infosys for taking the lead here and making it happen.
Docker Meetup #21 @InfosysHe started the meetup with introduction about Infosys and then introduced the speakers. After that I talked about my DockerCon experience and briefed everyone about announcements made at DockerCon’16 like Docker 1.12, new Swarm mode, AWS and Azure beta, Window and Mac Beta etc.

Ajeet then talked about Docker 1.12 release, Docker Swarm. He talked about scaling, routing mesh, constraints etc. He then gave demo of Docker Swarm with Docker 1.12.

What’s New in Docker 1.12? from Ajeet Singh Raina

After that Aditya Patawari talked about Docker Networking. He talked about the kind of network available by default when we start Docker. He gave demo on bridge, host mode and overlay networks.

Networking Overview for Docker Platform from Aditya Patawari

Continuing on the network topic, Suraj talked about macvlan and ipvlan and gave excellent demos for both of them. With macvlan and ipvlan, container can get IP address from the local LAN.

We then moved to Docker security and as usual Srinivas Makam gave excellent session of Docker Security. I always learn something from him. He talked about namespaces, cgroups, capabilities, seccomp, SELinux, image scanning , Docker Engine secure access, best practices etc.

Docker Security Overview from Sreenivas Makam

Lala then talked about atomic scan, which is a container vulnerability detection tool. He also talk SCAP, SCAP bench and gave a demo as well.

Atomic CLI scan from Lalatendu Mohanty

Raj Kiran from Infosys then talked about Docker for Developers and gave a demo with Netbeans.

Infosys team has recoded the sessions and hopefully they would share it in public domain soon.  During the meetup we also announced about the Docker 1.12 hackathon  and we are planning to hands-on with people who registered for hackathon on 16th July.

We would be doing the next Docker meetup some time in August 3rd week.

12. July 2016 by Neependra
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Docker and DevOps Meetup

Mohit and I met at  first GitHub meetup of Bangalore in March’16 and discussed that it would be a good idea to do a joint meetup of Docker and DevOps groups of Bangalore. Later we followed up and decided to do it on 30th April’16. It was hosted at IBM’s EGL office in Bangalore. We decided to do a full day event as we received a good number of topic suggestions. 250 people RSVPed for the meetup and ~100 people came for the meetup.

Docker and DevOp meetup - Apr'16

I started the meetup by going through the Docker and the Three Ways of DevOps white paper to reiterate why Docker and DevOps goes hand in hand in recent times.

After that Jeeva S. from IBM talked about doing CI/CD using GitHub, Jenkins, and Docker. After talking about Jenkins 2.0 features, he showed how he built a CI/CD pipeline using Docker 3rd Birthday App and Jenkins. Another gentleman from IBM then talked about how IBM uses Jenkins to do CI for the Power Platform. Sudipto Biswas and Manjunath K  then shared their team’s experience of running 10K containers on one physical machine.

Next session was from Burr Sutter of Red Hat, who gave an excellent presentations on Mircoservices and DevOps. He compared Docker and Microservices to magic, which we think is going to solve all the world’s problems. Is it ?  Docker and Microservices are really hot these days but in some time this is going to stabilize and we’ll move to some-thing new.

Docker and Mircoservices hotness

But that does not mean companies should not adopt them. In the near future they would become normal and we don’t think of them as a universal solver of the world’s problems 🙂 . He also shared a blueprint of the journey which every company has to go through to adopt DevOps and Microservices.

After that Pradeep Chhetri gave a good introduction of Mesos and how we can use it for doing CI/CD using Jenkins framework.

Post lunch we had Abhishek Narain from Microsoft, who talked about Azure container service and how we can use Mesos or Docker Swarm as a container orchestration engine on the Azure Platform.

After that Harendra Singh and Chetan Tarale from Shippable gave a presentation on Shippable platform with a demo.

Last presentation of the day was from Balaji of, who talked about doing CI/CD with Jenkins & He did not pitch about their platform and focused mostly on how to do CI/CD and the need of DevOps, which is a really good thing to do in such community events.

Next Bangalore Docker Meetup is scheduled on 4th June’16 and we’ll keep that Developer centric this time.

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3rd Docker Birthday Celebration

Bangalore Docker Community celebrated Docker’s 3rd Birthday on 26th March’16 at Huawei’s Bangalore office. Suraj has written a  great report about the event. So I would cover some other points.

  • More than 400 RSVPed for the event, so we had to divide the group iWP_20160326_09_22_17_Pron two batches and we were expecting ~100 in each. Due to long weekend we had ~70 people in first batch and ~35 in second batch. We could have easily accommodated everyone is one batch, if people have updated RSVPs accordingly. Please do not RSVP is you don’t plan to come.
  • Few of us discussed that in India we mostly have the user base and hardly have any committer to Docker.  To start contributing back to the project,  we decided to start doing beta testing for Docker releases.
  • Also we thought of doing small hackathon’s in which we’ll start going through Docker code base and learn from it.

I hope participants have learned something new during the training. I would like to thank Venkata Nagesh, Sreenivas Makam, Janki Chhatbar, Shubham Minglani, Suraj Deshmukh, Durga Prasad, Zeeshan Ahmed  for volunteering as mentor.  Special thanks for our hosts at Huawei, Krishna and Vinay.

29. March 2016 by Neependra
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Second Paid Containers Workshop and Free Workshop in Kolkata

I did my second paid workshop in Bangalore on 12th and 13th March.  I had the similar count of participation as last time. Most of participants had some prior experience with Linux so it was much easy and I was well prepared as well. So things went more smooth than last time. One of the participant from the previous paid workshop attended as well.

Second Docker Paid, Workshop, Bangalore

Here is the feedback I received from one of the participants

Attended the awesome training by Neependra.It was useful for me to get my doubts clarified.This was just the second iteration and I am sure this will evolve into a sought after training in the container ecosystem.
This in-person training class is highly recommended. Kanti Jadia

In my Free Container (Docker) workshops series I went to Kolkata and delivered the workshop in association with SillyCon at Nasscom Warehouse on 19th March’16. Kolkata has its own charm and way of living. Everyone was so relaxed and came own their own time but with genuine interest. Some of them were there from the beginning and attended entire session with handson. SillyCon team even recorded the event. I made some new friends. It was very good experience and hope to do it sometime again.

So far I did the free Containers workshop in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. I’ll be doing a Virtual event in last week of April or first week of May and would do Delhi to conclude first iteration of free workshops. Next paid workshop is scheduled in Bangalore on 23rd and 24th April’16 in Bangalore.

Also While I was boarding the flight to Kolkata I saw a page dedicated on The Hindu’s Metro page about dishes to try out in Kolkata and number onDevilled Crab, Macambo, Kolkatae in the list was Devilled Crab of Mocambo. So just after landing to the airport I went to the place and had the dish. Believe me I was not dis-appointment.


22. March 2016 by Neependra
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Bangalore Docker Meetup #18

As decided in the last meetup, we’ll discuss about the Logging and Monitoring Docker containers next time. This time our meetup was hosted at HPE office in Electronic City, Bangalore. Around 80 people attended the meetup this time.

After taking few questions we started with formal presentations. This time I gave the first talk but did not have any slides. I talked about importance for logging and monitoring in production. I showed outputs for docker logs and docker stats commands and went into some internals. Then I gave overview of Docker Logging Drivers and showed a demo of Syslog driver. My demo with logspouts and ELK stack did not work.

Saifi Khan from TensorX gave the next talk on cAdvisor. He also did not have formal presentation but went deep into how cAdvisor collects the stats  from the host. He shared an an article on cAdvisor, which got publish in one of the India’s Open Source Magazine.

Next was Sreenivas Makam of Cisco who talked about Sysdig with a very nice demo. I haven’t tried it earlier and was surprised to the very rich feature set of Sysdig. One could record the system state in a file and replay it like we do with TCPDump. It could be one stop of container Monitoring and Debugging. Recorded demos are available at his website.

Container Monitoring with Sysdig from Sreenivas Makam

Last presentation was from Vinay Krishna of SolutionIQ. Who talked about logging with FluentD.

Fluentd and docker monitoring from Vinay Krishna

We also had Samantha from Digital Ocean, who was in Bangalore to interact with Developer community. Digital Ocean is setting up a Datacenter in Bangalore, which was kind of news to everyone.

In March Docker community would be celebrating Docker’s 3rd birthday in which we would be doing Docker 101 workshop.

01. March 2016 by Neependra
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DevConf 2016, Brno, CZ

DevConf’16, which happened between 5th to 7th Frb’16 at Brno, CZ; was my first conference after leaving Red Hat. My workshop on Comparing Docker Orchestration Tools got selected, so I decided to go. Though I got the accommodation but I had to pay my own air fare. Devconf is one of the conference which has very good technical content. It also gave me opportunity  to meet with RH folks, with whom I worked earlier or known for years.

I met few senior people of RH at the conference and told them about my decision to leave the company to try something on my own. They all appreciated the decision and wished me good luck.

On Day 1, I missed the keynote from Tim Burke as I was preparing for my workshop.  Though I watched it later and recommend every one to watch it.


It was good to see full house for my workshop. Due to time constraints I could cover only Docker Swarm and Kubernetes but made sure that participants understands the need for orchestration and problems those tools are trying to solve. I plan to keep the the workshop Git Repository with more examples and update it frequently.

I attended following sessions from the conference :-




  1. Understanding the Fedora – Red Hat Relationship – Denise Dumas
  2. Security for the Cloud with SCAP – Jan Lieskovsky, Martin Preisler
  3. System Upgrades: past, present, and future – Will Woods
  4. Refinance your Technical Debt with Microservices – Ralph Bean
  5. Trystack: Free OpenStack for Planet Earth – Will Foster
  6. So you want to be a Developer Advocate / Evangelist? – Grant Shipley

Most of the conference videos are available on YouTube.

After the Day1 sessions I had dinner with Red Hat’s performance team (my ex team). I also attended the conference party at Starobrno Brewery pub. On Day3 there was Grand Finale in which participants has to answer few questions related to open source. Though I did not win but it was great fun.

Overall it was great learning and had fun meeting with people. Hope to attend and present in next DefConf as well.

22. February 2016 by Neependra
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Free Containers (Docker) Workshop – Hyderabad

After doing free containers (Docker) workshop in Bangalore, Pune and Chennai; the next stop was Hyderabad which was scheduled on 13th Feb’16. Getting the audience and community space at Hyderabad was not as simple as other places because I have never worked there and did not have much community connections. When I scheduled it I did not know how it is doing to happen but I had a feeling somehow I would be able to execute it. The help came from Govind Kanshi and Vinod Kumar of Microsoft and we were able to host at Microsoft office in Hyderabad.

Containers Workshop Hyderabad

We started the session ~15 mins late. I tried my best to cover the basics and share the details about the eco-system like CI/CD, Orchestrations etc.

Here is one of feedback I got for this workshop

if the workshop will be for two days then it’s easy for the participants to understand the concepts , better plan in such way from next time onward.

I would always have to choose what to do in limited hours session. Should I cover basics more or talk about the big picture ? I choose to later as that would help the participants connect the dots. As the the content of the workshop is in open domain, they can always go and look for the basics and other details. The good news is that there is interest for 2 days workshop :).

The other feedback was

Very informative session, as per my suggestion their should be more emphasis on making the trainees understand why containers and docker should be used and how it differs from other similar products its advantages.

which I think I can address in longer workshops.

It is always fun to go to different city and deliver the workshop. Other than new people sometimes you get chance spend time with extended family, old school/college friends or old colleagues/boss. This time I was lucky to meet each one of them. The next free workshop would be Kolkata as I have to postpone Delhi one, which I’ll  do in April. Also the next 2 days paid workshop in Bangalore on 12th and 13th March’16.

15. February 2016 by Neependra
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First Paid Containers (Docker) Workshop !!!

So finally doing trainings, started to pay out !!! I did my first paid workshop in Bangalore on 23rd and 24th Jan’16. In this first paid workshop I had 6 participants, all from different backgrounds and with skill-sets. I think this is a good start. I was able sell all the 40% discounted tickets of pre-registered users (free workshop) and early birds tickets. Selling the regular tickets as well would the goal for next time :).

To have the common setup for workshop I worked on Vagrant images, so that everyone can have same environment but running Vagrant on Windows has its own challenges. In the time of interest I quickly created VMs on the cloud and shared it with participants. There should be a better solution for this. Either I would have custom portable server or take the services from companies like Ravello Systems to setup virtual labs.

As mentioned in earlier posts   I would be putting the content in open domain, so that anyone can access and contribute as well. Currently we are developing it would announce of  wider consumption soon.  Here is one of the feedback I got from one of participant industry veteran, Vishwanath Krisnamurthy

  • Learned a lot which gives me confidence about this domain
  • Hands on was good.
  • Good communication and follow up
Some improvements
  • The workshop website has some TBD’s which needs to be filled up
  • The pre-requisites (Setting up google compute acct) if told before would have been great.
  • More real life examples (May be take a a project throughout which addresses all areas) would have been great (Maybe a light weight one.

As mentioned, I would be working on first two improvements and should be able to resolve soon. Having a small project at the end of workshop would be great to connect all the dots. I’ll work on it  and hopefully by next paid workshop I would create one;which is scheduled on 12th and 13th March in Bangalore.   If there are vacant seats in the next workshop then I would be allowing participants from previous paid workshops to attend it for free.

27. January 2016 by Neependra
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Bangalore Docker Meetup #17

As decided in the Dec’15 meetup, in the next meetup we would discuss about different Orchestration tool available to run containers in a cluster. This meetup was hosted by Shippable at their Bangalore office and we talked about Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesos and Amazon ECS. Thanks to Aditya for filling in for Mesos, last minute as our earlier planned speaker got some work and had to back off. We did following presentations/demos :-

I was thinking of putting an app which we can deploy on all the four orchestration engines and see what it takes to deploy on each of them. Once deployed run some kind of performance tests and see how features like autoscale work. I thought a real world e-commerce platform would be a nice example and while doing some browsing we came across  blog post  from Mark Shust to deploy Magento2 on Tutum, which gave good reference. Though we could not finish on this study this time. I would try to do it for my DevConf workshop in Brno, CZ early next month.

We started the meetup with some Q & A and then Arunan talked about Docker Swarm, Universal Control Plane and Tutum.

Swarm docker bangalore_meetup from Arunan Rabindran
After Arunan’s talk I presented the KubeCon’s workshop presentation and compared the Magento2 Docker Compose file with Kubernetes RC and Service files (WIP).

After the small break Aditya presented next on Mesos and gave a demo as well.

Beginning mesos from Aditya Patawari
Last talk from the day was from Vinothini on Amazon ECS.I really appreciate her coming forward to take this topic, which may not be her primary focus area.

I hope participants learnt something new on that day. At the end we enjoyed pizza and beverages sponsored by Shippable. While we were enjoying the Pizza, team from Hasura gave a demo of  Pangaea  to do one click deployment of Kubernetes. Thanks for Anuran for flying over to Bangalore for just the meetup. In the next meetup we’ll talk about logging and monitoring for containers, which would be scheduled in last week of Feb or first week of March’16.


Apart from the regular meetup Docker Bangalore would be celebrating Docker’s 3 Birthday in third week of March’16 and we plan to do two 3 hours Docker basics workshop. We would be looking for volunteers to help with workshop and they can register here. We’ll announce dates and venue for the basic workshop soon.


20. January 2016 by Neependra
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Report from Containers (Docker) Workshop – Chennai

After doing free workshop in Bangalore and Pune, next stop of free workshop was in Chennai which I delivered on 9th Jan’16.

I got few registrations for Chennai last month but after announcing it on Chennai Linux User group, I got more registrations. I was looking for a community space to host the workshop as it was free one. Thanks to Shakthi, System Insights provided the space and sponsored the lunch as well.

We scheduled half day workshop (9AM – 2 PM) as I later we planned to got to Linux User Group meeting, which got cancelled for some reason. Due to fog, my flight got delayed and I reached Chennai ~10 AM and started the workshop at 10:40 AM. Luckily no body left till then and because of the LUG meeting cancellation we could stretch upto 3 PM. I tried my best to cover full day workshop’s content in limited time. I hope the it was worth their waiting time.

One of other feedback I got that I should cover more basics, on which I try to improve. 

The workshop content was well organized and overall it was good. But there are few prospects for improvement. I strongly feel that there must be a Basic workshop for containers which just tries to make people understand the concept of containers from first principles. For example, it can start with explaining chroot and then proceed in an incremental and logical manner and arrive at the concept of containers.  Raashid Fatah, Embedded Software Engr. at Zilogic Systems

Next free one day workshops are scheduled in Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Virtual.  Also first two days paid workshop is scheduled Bangalore on 23rd – 24th Jan’16 and Pune one would be announced soon. 

10. January 2016 by Neependra
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